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Friday’s Letters – July 12

friday's letters

Dear Summer  – Nothing like moving in and making yourself welcome.  Don’t get too comfortable, because in a few weeks we will be cursing you under our breaths and muttering at your impudence.  In another month, we’ll be ready to send you packing.

Dear Work –  You are amazing.  I love having plenty of exciting, interesting projects to work on, I love having a full staff of young engineers, designers and technicians to mentor and teach, and I really like the fact that the air conditioning works, the computers, plotters and printers work, and that there is park just outside the door of the building, a park with fish filled ponds, fountains, a walking path and a basketball court..  And the US Olympic Bowling Team Training Facility is just down the block.  Didja know that we have an Olympic Bowling Team?

Dear Manufacturer – Oh Puh-Leeeezz!  Radiant?  RADIANT?  What were you thinking?  The daughters and I had a rolling on the floor giggle fit in WalMart over this.


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5 thoughts on “Friday’s Letters – July 12

  1. You have me rolling!
    Yeah…summer is being asked to pick up the pace a bit and make a short visit! Ugh. And the Radiant…really? Who is seeing that?
    Much blessings this weekend.

  2. Dear Summer.
    Angela is slightly wrong. I am already done with you. Go away. 🙂
    As for Radiance and Tampons… REALLY?
    That makes as much sense as a fun hot flash?
    Come visit me Angela. Or maybe we will go visit the USA Bowling Team. WOW!

  3. Remember the boys that said “have a happy period”? Really….
    It is so neat you have all that goodness within walking distants. Living in the country is awesome but sometimes having this closer would be cool.
    Take care Angela and have a great day. Blessings!

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