Minutes – July 8


Praying for Angela’s Mom – for continued recovery; for Roxie’s Mom – for a quick recovery, too; for Michelle, that the tumor markers drop this week; for friends who still need permanent work.


ShoesNew shoes.  I keep after my husband, daughters (runners) and sons (also runners) to be sure they replace their shoes regularly to prevent strain and injury, but I am AWFUL about taking care of my own!  I noticed last week while walking Kasey the Wonderdog that my walking shoes are shot, as in the tread is worn away on the bottom, there is no spring in the step and they had holes in the lining.  I now have a spiffy, brightly colored pair of cushion-ey shoes.  I’ll take them on their first hike today.


Parenting.  Are we doing it right?


Excitement for this week includes a new clothes pin bag.  Oh yeah, I know you’re just positively amazed, right?  I’m tickled, as my old pin bag was falling apart.  Kasey attacking the grasshopper that landed on it Saturday morning didn’t help its sadly deteriorating condition.


  • Fried Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, Okra
  • Turkey Sandwiches, Cucumber Salad
  • BBQ Chicken Sandwiches, Slaw and Green Beans
  • Tamales and Bean Nachos
  • Grilled Ginger Chicken, Peas and Saffron Rice
  • Pasta and Salad – Powering up for the Peach Pedal Ride
  • More Sandwiches – because it’s HOT now


We’re training for the annual DFW Tour de Cure, which is in a few weeks. Tour de Cure?  What’s that you ask?  It’s the American Diabetes Association’s annual fundraiser.  My family and I ride every year as part of the Lockheed Martin team…here we are last year:

Tour de Cure 2012

That’s us in the lower right corner.  The Architect is on the end, I’m wearing the Red Rider jersey, Mr. Pea is to my left, and DirtBike, Princess Pea and Cherry Ames are to his left.

We’ve learned a lot about diabetes since I was diagnosed several years ago.  The most surprising thing we learned is how prevalent diabetes has become – almost all of us have family and friends that are affected.  For me, exercise is a key part of battling my diabetes and since biking is part of our family’s regiment, this ride is a very fitting way to support the ADA.

So here’s my shameless plug:  Please support this year’s Tour de Cure by sponsoring me, or any other rider.  You can also support by joining a local ride or just participating in the ADA’s scheduled events.  By clicking on the link below and following the prompts, you will begin the process of making a secure, 100% tax-deductible donation.

Sponsor Angela Pereira by clicking this link:


::looking ahead

Algebra and writing classes for DirtBike; Calculus and Chemistry for Princess Pea.  The Architect applied for a different job at the Local Bike Shop since the water park where he was hired back in May is STILL not open.   Preparing for the Peach Pedal and the ADA Tour de Cure rides.

Linking up at Suscipio– come join us!

Record the Minutes. Keep the Faith.

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4 thoughts on “Minutes – July 8

  1. New shoes, YEAH!!! It’s like new socks…just wonderful. So easy to please, a new clothes pin back. Mine is still a bucket with holes drilled in the bottom.
    Good luck on your race and it’s such an awesome cause.
    Take care Angela, you have a terrific family and I just love these Monday morning minutes.
    Blessings my friend!

  2. I would hate to tell you that I just bought a pair of sneakers after having not changed them in – I can’t even remember when. Why? For exactly what you note. They were worn, had little tread and there were holes in the lining. Well, that and my husband dragged me to the store to get them. I would rather save all of my pennies for books. Then he said, honey – you can get sneakers too! So I’ve got a new spiffy pair too!!

  3. Love the new shoes! Enjoy!

    My best friends daughter had diabetes, and we are always praying for new studies and someday a cure. I will have to check out the Tour de Cure, I’m guessing there may be one near us. Thanks for the info.

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