Minutes – August 27, 2013


praying for my children as they move forward in a new school year, especially for DirtBike; for Mom Pea’s health; for the intentions of friends


*sigh*  Once again I have messed up my right ankle.  My first injury on this ankle happened when I was about fourteen years old, and it involved a skateboard, a wayward curb and a piece of ply-board.  Another injury involved trying to dismount from a horse and missing the ground. Yet another involved playing soccer – that one landed me in a cast for many weeks.  This time?  Not so glamorous.  I simply tripped over a crack in the sidewalk and rolled that baby.  It’s been more than ten days now and it’s still swollen and technicolor bruised.  If I don’t see some improvement in the next few days, I’ll go get an x-ray and dig my walking cast out of the closet. In the meanwhile, I’m focusing on pushups and situps, neither of which involve bearing weight on my gimpy right side


New health insurance mandates.


Knitting!  Since I’m spending lots of time on my duff with my foot elevated and iced, I’m knitting.  Working on Christmas suprises as well as stocking the baby gift stash since there are dozens of young couples in our lives who will be welcoming wee ones in the next many months.


  • Chicken Tacos
  • Pasta and Salad
  • Hoagies
  • Breakfast for Dinner
  • Chicken Salad with sliced tomatoes
  • Pizza on the Grill, Salad
  • Crock Pot BBQ Chicken, Slaw, Green Beans

It’s the end of summer doldrums in the kitchen…craving beef stew and homemade bread but it’s too darned hot to cook.


Okay.  I had some quiet time fun on Sunday afternoon.  The Architect was working at the waterpark, so I took him to work, then parked my keister on a lounge, elevated my foot with a towel and read a book all afternoon while DirtBike hung out with his bestie.  I would occasionally get up and dip in the wave pool or take a round on the lazy river.  Mr. Pea says he will join me next Sunday afternoon. I so very rarely sit and do nothing.  It was amazing.

::looking ahead

Three day weekend! Three day weekend!

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