3-2-1 Friday!!

Whoot! Whoot!  It’s Friday, and it’s my turn to host 3-2-1!  Like Theresa last week, my blog has been WAY too quiet, and I need a little kick in the seat to get back on my game. 3-2-1 should do the trick, my Friends!

Suscipio 3-2-1

3-2-1 is the Friday Link Up Party for bloggers and non-bloggers alike so we can all participate. Simply leave your answers in the comments! One of the great things about this linky party? 3-2-1 is the “No Commitment–No Strings Attached–No Blog Needed” link up!

So let’s play!!

3 Things I’m Thankful For

2 Things In my Purse That Don’t Need to Be There

1 Thing I Love Love Love to Eat!

I’ll go first…I can’t wait to read everyone’s 3-2-1’s!

3 Things I’m Thankful For

  • Key Lime Pie Frozen Custard
  • Fish that shows up in my freezer all scaled, clean and ready to cook
  • Car shopping with my husband

2 Things In My Purse That Don’t Need to Be There

  • Pink Tire Lever
  • Empty prescription bottle with an unidentified dead bug in it.  Don’t ask…I have absolutely no idea where it came from or why it’s there!

1 Thing I Love Love Love to Eat!

  •  Spaghetti and Meatballs

Enjoy the Day.  Keep the Faith.

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29 thoughts on “3-2-1 Friday!!

  1. Great starters Angela! Loved reading yours.

    3 things I am grateful for…
    :: nature walk in the early evening
    :: the most glorious weather
    :: one night of sleep straight through (yes…grateful for even ONE night!)

    2 things in my purse that don’t need to be there (ha…mine is so empty that I should have more in it *winks*)
    :: pumpkin spice antibacterial soap that makes me gag every time I use it
    :: the cover of an appointment book I never replaced for 2013

    1 thing I love love love to eat…
    :: good ole’ homemade french toast

    Thanks for hosting Angela.

  2. 3 Things I’m Thankful For
    ::morning sun coming up over the hay bales in the field across the road
    ::Luke & Leo dancing in the kitchen
    ::Bernadette finishing AND passing Algebra 1/2…Algebra I here we come!

    2 Things In my Purse That Don’t Need to Be There
    ::soccer uniforms
    ::Chris’ sunglasses

    1 Thing I Love Love Love to Eat!
    ::mashed potatoes

    Thanks for hosting Angela. Great questions! You stumped me at 1 Thing I Love to Eat. I was going to put food, but figured that might be a little to broad!

  3. Thanks for hosting!

    3 Things I’m Thankful For

    – cooler weather
    – homeschooling going well
    – a clean house

    2 Things In my Purse That Don’t Need to Be There

    – receipts from a few weeks back
    – trash from a snacking kid

    1 Thing I Love Love Love to Eat!

    – hamburgers with A-1 Sauce

  4. 3 things I’m thankful for:
    1. My son getting up early to do the yard work before school
    2. My son making me chocolate chip waffles for breakfast
    3. How God puts people in my life to encourage me right when I need it.

    2 things in my purse I don’t need
    1 old receipts
    2 a pillbox that only seems to have Benadryl in it when I have a headache.

    1 thing I love to eat
    today it is chocolate chip waffles.

  5. 3 Things I’m Thankful For
    ::medicine working with no side effects (finally!)
    ::my sweet husband and children
    ::crunch leaves on the ground signaling fall!!

    2 Things In my Purse That Don’t Need to Be There
    ::lipgloss (I have about 16 in there)
    ::a garbage twist tie…what?

    1 Thing I Love Love Love to Eat!
    ::ice cream!

    Have a Blessed weekend and thanks for hosting!

    1. Oh mercy – I have a gajillion lipsticks in my bag, too. I left the makeup bag in the car once in the summer time. Have you ever done that? Tell you what. If you live in the south and have a surplus of lipsticks/glosses that you just can’t bring yourself to toss? Just leave them in the car for an afternoon. I recommend sealing them in a ziplock freezerbag first. Trust me – you won’t hesitate to POUR them into the trash bin by 4:00 in the afternoon!

      1. THAT is hilarious! I’ve lived in Texas for 5 years and know this “plan” all too well. I’ve got an addiction to glosses – and they’re all within the same two shades of pink/nude. OH the insanity!

  6. 3 Things I’m Thankful For
    :: that my husband and son are going camping this weekend and I get to go through clothes & toys and toss! Yippee.
    :: Me time (it is rare).
    :: For all we have in spite of what we think we need.
    2 Things In my Purse That Don’t Need to Be There
    :: straw paper
    :: cuticle cream

    1 Thing I Love Love Love to Eat!

    Thanks for having us over Angela.
    Great posts ya’ll.
    Blessings, Em

  7. 3 Things I’m Thankful For:
    –a Skype connection that allows me to study with a friend long distance
    –successful cancer surgeries for my MIL and my college roommate’s husband
    –a lovely week on NC’s OBX with my husband and extended family

    2 Things in My PUrse That Don’t Need to Be There:
    –an ad from a jewelry store I no longer use
    –a dead kleenex

    1 Thing I Love Love Love to Eat:
    — ice cream

  8. Thankful for: * baby smiles, * 2 year old smiles and giggles, * the roller coaster ride that is life.
    two things in my purse that don’t belong: too many pennies, papers -it doesn’t need to be a file box…
    one thing I love to eat: Enchiladas, cheese only thank you with red sauce -Jalapeno’s is a good place in the CV are 🙂

    1. Hey Kellie! I haven’t popped over to your blog to say hi in ages. You’re right – this hasn’t been the most awful August. I’d whisper that it’s been pretty mild. Only a whisper, though, because I don’t want Mother Nature to overhear and then roast us alive in September!

  9. This sounds like fun!
    Things I’m thankful for: FALL!! :: pumpkin flavored things :: and quiet time
    Things in my purse: old bills that have already been paid ::tape measure
    love to eat: Quesadillas! And now I am craving it veryy badly.

    Happy weekend 🙂

  10. 3 Things I’m Thankful For
    :: A phone call in 15 minutes that might lead to more freelancing work
    :: Making connections with two local farmers
    :: Two local friends who have helped me a lot with one of my businesses
    2 Things In my Purse That Don’t Need to Be There
    :: License plates for the car that needs to be fixed before it is drivable—but I could put the plates on!
    :: A very small ball of crochet thread
    1 Thing I Love Love Love to Eat!
    :: My neighbor’s pumpkin butter!

      1. Aren’t you sweet to ask! I think it was successful. The potential client seemed to like what I had to say. She needs to talk to one of her colleagues, and then she’ll let me know. It might be a good long-term source of work for me and the team I manage as one of my businesses. (The other is a pumpkin patch in my back pasture. Seriously.) It sounds good so far, but I don’t want to count my chickens before they cross the burning bridge, ya know?

  11. How fun!
    3 Things I’m Thankful For
    ~ When my little guy hugs me from behind and says, “I wub you, mama.” Swoon.
    ~ For the upcoming weekend and having everyone home.
    ~ For packages in the mail with sweet surprises.
    2 Things in My Purse That Don’t Need to Be There
    ~ A 1/2 of string cheese that’s hard as a rock
    ~ A roll of scotch tape. (My 4 year old would disagree. He is always accidentally tearing a page in one of the books he’s always carrying around. He likes me to fix it immediately, not when we get home. 😉
    1 Thing I love, love love to eat.
    It’s a tie between a BBQ Turkey Burger or Taco Salad. Yum.

    Thanks for hosting, Angela!

  12. 3 things I’m thankful for –
    :: RAIN! It’s amazing to me how all our plants burst with life after real rain, even though we water them every other day. The real stuff is SO much better than what they get from the hose!
    :: the cooling ocean breezes that continually bathe our house, even when it’s hot and still everywhere else
    :: Our priest – he speaks with authority and love, and people respond with greater commitment to God.

    2 things in my purse that don’t need to be there –
    :: a package of melted gum
    :: a large rubber band

    1 thing I love to eat –
    :: Rice with LOTS of butter or olive oil, salt and pepper.

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