Minutes – November 25, 2013

Friends – this edition of Minutes was written and pre-posted on Sunday morning.  I’m starting my liquid diet day, and will soon begin the pre-surgery procedure checklist.  Mr. Pea and I will be traveling into town in a little while.  Because of the ice storm bearing down on us, we decided it would be best to check into a hotel near the hospital so that we will be able to be there on time Monday morning.  The hotel is two blocks from the hospital; we can actually walk to hospital if we have to.  By the time you read this on Monday morning, it will be Cancer Eradication Day and I’ll be hooked up to some amazing technology and getting this bugger removed from my body. 

::faithful – praying for my surgeon today, that she and her team have steady hands, sure decisions and a calm temperament, despite the ice storm blasting us this morning.  Praying for my kids, as well.  The boys are at home, and Cherry Ames is keeping them company. Princess Pea has classes today and will be home tomorrow.

::news from the cancer battlefield – Today is the day.  Mr. Pea will be sending out emails and texts to let you know I’m okay after the surgery.

::creative – Sweet Things for Lisa’s soon to be here Grandson!!


::pondering – how uncomfortable is this going to be? How much can I milk the situation, getting Mr. Pea and the boys to wait on me hand and foot, eat chocolate, stay in bed in my pajamas and get flowers and visitors?? LOLOL!!!

::delicious – There’s a plan, but I have no idea what’s on the menu.  It will consist of what ever our wonderful friends bring to us!  We will be spending Thanksgiving Day with our dearest friends and I have been sternly warned that I am not to do a single thing. I’ll actually do what they say this time and not try to sneak in an extra pie or side dish.  It’s not a good idea to hand a woman dosed to the gills with pain killers a knife and then let her play with appliances that get really hot!

::fun – We’ve had a relaxing weekend.  I’ve been napping, trying not to get sick and sorting through knitting projects. Princess Pea showed up for a surprise visit, and she straightened my hair!  I look just like my younger sister now!  Of course, the moment I step in the shower, it will curl right up again.  I really do like it this way but it takes WAY too much time and effort to flatten these curls every day!

Angela Pea 11.2013

::fashionable – I’m wearing my pumpkin pajama pants, and a hooded sweatshirt. We stayed home from mass this morning…as directed by my doctor.  I have to start the ‘cleansing’ and need to stay germ free as much as possible.  Father will visit me tomorrow or Tuesday at the hospital and bring the Eucharist to me.

::looking ahead – Surgery, long naps, pumpkin pie, stuffing and gravy, NOT doing laundry or dishes for many days, and peppermint ice cream!  Oh, and sitting on my tush, knitting to my heart’s content and watching movies. 

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Record the Minutes. Keep the Faith.

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8 thoughts on “Minutes – November 25, 2013

  1. You are covered in prayer my dear.
    In the name of Jesus – they will get it all.
    St. Peregrine, Patron Saint of Cancer is praying for you.
    I love that you are being brave and funny. Those cleanings are ____ to say the least.
    Again – if I can bring a meal. If I can do anything… I am nearby.
    Though I don’t know you in person yet. I offer because of our Catholic Sisterhood and because as a military daughter/spouse, it’s just who I am.
    God bless you dear.
    Hugs & Prayers.

  2. Prayers for everyone involved that Angela comes home safe and sound and ready to face the days. Thanks to Mr. Pea for keeping me in the loop. Blessings to you all.

  3. 15 minutes left in my hour of prayer for you. I planned it so I would read this post during the last 15 minutes of my hour. You look beautiful with your hair all straight. As a curly-q myself I know how long it takes to flatten it all – which is why I NEVER do it.

    I just want to hug you – Are you a hugger? Could you be? I wonder what you’re feeling now. If you’re ok and if you know how we are praying for you. I even got some peeps on Twitter praying for you who didn’t even sign up! I made you brownies – even though I know you’ll never taste them, even if you lived next door. My boys would gobble them up! It’s a new recipe and I’m calling them Pea’s Brownies. If you could see them, there are little chocolate chips on top that could look like peas…I bake when I want to help.

    Here’s hoping you can smell the brownies and feel our prayers.

  4. Angela, I don’t think we’ve “met.” But, I popped over here from Theresa’s blog. Please count me in among those praying for you. I’m a cancer survivor myself. You will be too! Love your attitude. Your post made me smile. God bless you, dear lady. May all the news be only good from now on!

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