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Friday’s Letters – November 22, 2013

friday's letters

Dear Winter  – Seriously?   Couldn’t you just ease in like a normal season?  It wasn’t necessary to just barge in with your freezing rain and sleety self, shoving our pleasant eighty degree end of summer days out the door.

Dear Intuitive Surgical – Wow.  I’m totally impressed with your creation – the da Vinci surgical robot.  It’s going to make my surgery a lot less invasive and cut recovery time to just a few weeks instead of a few months.  Don’t you think you were just a bit pretentious to name it after THE Leonardo da Vinci?  After all, he painted Jesus’ portrait on the wall of a convent in Milan.  And he invented flying machines. And scuba gear.  And robots.

image courtesy
image courtesy

Dear Dr. Cloven  – Please drive that thing very, very carefully.

Friends, we are now T-72 hours to Cancer Eradication Day. The surgery will be Monday morning at 8:00 am, and I will be in the hospital until Tuesday evening.  I ask you to keep my family in your prayers, for courage, patience and good humor in the next several weeks as I heal and recover, and as we discover what the final prognosis for this cancer is. I also ask that you pray for Dr. Cloven and the surgical team who will be working on my body early Monday morning, for steady hands, clear minds and quick reactions!

Linking up with the Ladies at Suscipio for the Friday 3-2-1.  Go visit today – this is an amazing group of women who pray, love, and support one another.  

Keep the Faith.

5 thoughts on “Friday’s Letters – November 22, 2013

  1. Oh this makes me laugh, especially the first one. But it was Michelangelo, not DaVinci, who did the Sistine Chapel. 🙂 Leonardo didn’t really like fresco.

    1. Oh Mercy, you are completely right, and I KNEW that! da Vinci liked flying machines, odd looking women named Mona, and he painted the Last Supper on the wall of the refectory of the Convent of Santa Maria della Grazie, Milan – about 360 miles away from the Sistine Chapel!

  2. Prayers, prayers and many more prayers Angela. Try and relax and spend great family time this weekend and the Lord will take care of you all. Blessings my friend!

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