Minutes – December 9, 2013

::faithful – praying for my kids, for my husband, for friends and for the intentions of many.  Praying especially hard for my Mom because my Grandma died yesterday.  She was 98 years old and her health has been failing for a long time.  While this does make her passing easier to understand, it doesn’t ease the pain of the loss, especially for my Mom.  

::news from the cancer battlefield – Week Two has been much better.  I am getting stronger every day and am off of the pain medications. The last bits of the super glue are slowly coming off of my skin and the bruises are fading quickly. I am still incredibly tired at the end of the day, but it’s a GOOD kind of tired and not just a sore kind of tired.

::creative – More Christmas Surprises!!

::pondering – Still awestruck at the grace and gift of clean pathology.  How will I use this gift of life? (In addition to someday being the Coolest Grandma Ever.)

::delicious – I’m BACK!!  Oh yes.  Simple menus with lots of help, but I’m happily putting meals on the table for my family again along with reheating some of the food that friends have brought over.

  • Another Batch of Turkey Vegetable Soup, Biscuits
  • Ranch Chicken Casserole from the freezer, spinach salad
  • Baked Ziti with Zucchini
  • Grilled Ham and Cheese with Tomato Soup
  • Pizza – frozen – with a tossed salad
  • Breakfast for Dinner – scrambled eggs with ham and cheese, pancakes
  • Swedish Meatballs (frozen), mashed potatoes and broccoli

::fun – We’ve been housebound for several days from the ice storm.  Fun has included playing outside, chopping firewood and teaching the boys how to drive on ice, none of which I actually participated in.  I just watched from the warm coziness of the sofa. 🙂  Not much other fun this week as we are up to our eyeballs in preparations for finals.

::fashionable – I’m still wearing pajama pants during the day, as they are warm, soft and have a relaxed waist over the incision sites. I have graduated from the fuzzy bathrobe, though, and have been putting on a clean tee-shirt with the pajama pants.  I even ventured into makeup application, a hair style other than a pony tail and freshly painted toenails this week!

::looking ahead – More follow-up appointments with the oncologist, maybe back to work when the ice melts.  Christmas Shopping! 

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  Keep the Faith.

angela pea

3 thoughts on “Minutes – December 9, 2013

  1. Sorry to hear about your grandma. Expected or not, it still hurts. My prayers to you all!

    Fuzzy pj pants! Sounds like comfy progress. 🙂
    Glad things are improving.

  2. God bless you my dear.
    I am so glad you are posting.
    Praying for the repose of your grandmother’s soul.
    Keep up the good work.

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