Minutes – December 16, 2013

::faithful – praying for my kids, especially my youngest son; for my and Mr. Pea’s discernment on the ‘next step’; for my friend Angela’s Mom.  

::news from the cancer battlefield – Week Three is amazing.  I can now walk at regular speed, touch my toes and I even climbed four flights of stairs on Saturday evening.  Whoot!!  I’m getting more restful sleep, and I’m back at work.

I had my follow-up visit with my oncologist last Thursday, and we reviewed the nitty-gritty details of the pathology report.  (The earlier information that lymph nodes were clear was delivered by phone.)  All in all, it was good, as good as one can get with a ULMS diagnosis – Stage 1A. The only troubling marker was the density of the cancer cells.  When samples are studied for pathology, technicians count the number of cancer cells in a 10x field area under the microscope.  Normally, (Ha!  as if cancer can be called ‘normal’) classification is based upon 5 cells per 10x; 5-10 cells per 10x; more than 10 per 10x; or too many to count.  My count was 25 cancer cells with ‘multiple and bizarre nuclei’.  Now we are tasked with deciding on a follow-up plan.  I have two choices:  monitor like crazy and pray that it doesn’t come back; or embrace a round of chemotherapy, monitor like crazy and pray that it doesn’t come back.  There aren’t any clear-cut studies to show that chemotherapy significantly decreases the risk of recurrence.  Why?   Because most women with ULMS don’t discover it until it has progressed to Stage II or higher, and they die…there isn’t a big pool of survivors to study.  (BTW, as I am now a statistical anomaly, I will put myself in the registry of survivors for tracking and further clinical studies.  I have nothing to lose by helping the doctors and scientists figure out a way to kill this beast!)

Mr. Pea and I are studying all the information we can find, praying and asking a million questions. The one important question I FORGOT to ask Dr. Cloven after she explained the alternatives is what she would recommend.  Can you believe I forgot that?  I’ll call her this week to ask.  We will meet with Dr. Cloven again on January 2 to make a final decision.  My inclination is to hedge my bets for long-term survival and rock a wig for several months until my hair grows back.

::creative – More Christmas Surprises!! Knitting, knitting, knitting.  It’s soothing.

::pondering – Parenting.  It’s sometimes very, very hard.  And time goes by so fast.

::delicious – Easy does it again this week.

  • Hamburgers, Broccoli Salad
  • Grilled Chicken, Mixed Veggies
  • Macaroni and Cheese, Spinach Salad
  • Chicken Spaghetti and some sort of Veggie
  • Tacos, Black Beans
  • Out for Dinner – Italian!!
  • Something I will Figure Out Later in the Week

::fun – Mr. Pea and I visited Sundance Square Saturday Night.  The Fort Worth Jazz Orchestra had a free concert – Duke Ellington’s renditions of “The Nutcracker”.  It was so wonderful to sit outside in the crisp air, see the Christmas lights, enjoy the music and watch all the little kids visiting with Santa.

::fashionable – I have on HIGH HEELS today!! Oh Joy! I’ve missed my sassy shoes the past three weeks.  Black pencil skirt, cardigan and a cheery, Christmas-y green shell. And a jangly, sparkly crystal bracelet.   I’m getting my hair cut this week.  I’ve let it grow out considerably over the past year and it’s well past my shoulder blades now.  I’m going to get it cut much shorter, so that when it gets REALLY short (ha!) in a few months, it won’t be such a shock to everyone.

::looking ahead – Wrapping presents, mailing cards (maybe), The German Club Christmas Party on Saturday.  A house full of 50+ teenagers, bonfire and lots of good German food.  Don’t worry – it won’t be a stress on me.  Teachers and students bring all the food, set up and clean up.  All we provide is the house and firewood.  We’ve been hosting this shindig for years and it is always so much fun!! 

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  Keep the Faith.

angela pea

8 thoughts on “Minutes – December 16, 2013

  1. I am glad you guys are weighing the options and not just jumping in. Yes do find out what your doctor things and I think, if it were me, I’d go with the wig option too. But only if the doctor concurs.
    Kids grow up way to fast Angela. WAY TO FAST!!! So no matter the troubles, the joy, the wonderment….enjoy it all because soon they are grown up.
    You are in my heart and prayers always. Take care my friend.

  2. I am praying for you and hope that…whatever way you decide to go….God fills you with His peace. And, I also have a teenage son…I can surely relate. Lately, it seems that God is reminding me I need to cut him a bit more slack…he is his own person and sometimes the path to adulthood takes a bit longer.

  3. You will be in my prayers!
    High heels, yummy food, and loads of teenagers, sounds like a great week.
    Wishing you and your family a wonderful weekend and a very Merry Christmas!

  4. Praying for you!
    If you go the chemo route, I will contact the group that crocheted hats for my friend Katie.
    Awesome people.
    Anyway – Bonfire sounds good.
    Come over Sunday if you want to decorate cookies or Monday after Mass. We are being formally received into the Church on Monday at SEAS in Keller. YIP to the EEEE!

    I love that you are an anomaly my friend.
    Why not be different!
    xx oo
    p.s. that may have been a failed attempt at humor. If so, I apologize.

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