Friday’s Letters – January 17, 2014

Friday's Letters

Dear Gemzar  –  *insert sarcastic tone here*  Thank you so much for helping me recall the wonderful sensation of morning sickness!  That was something I thought I would never, ever experience again, and my life-path was sorely lacking because of it.

Dear Zofran – *insert giggle and a Happy Dance here*  Thank you even more for un-doing Gemzar’s trip down memory lane!!!

Dear Cherry Ames, Princess Pea, Architect and DirtBike – I love you.

Dear Mr. Pea – I love you more.

  Keep the Faith.

angela pea

5 thoughts on “Friday’s Letters – January 17, 2014

  1. You are in my heart and prayers Angela. And your family. I pray that this goes quickly for you and that this step will be taken. Take care and be good to yourself.

    1. LOL! Almost! I did go out in the morning to fetch groceries and run errands….and it wiped me out. I came home, put on my pajamas and took a very long nap! I realized that this was the first time since my surgery that I’d been out and about on my own; Mr. Pea and the kids have been driving me everywhere and helping with errands on weekends!

      I was totally paranoid about standing next to people and touching surfaces and used a whole little bottle of hand sanitizer!

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