Minutes – April 21, 2014

::thankful – Prayers of rejoicing!  He is Risen Indeed!  Cherry Ames has a job! She’ll be working at a local hospital as a critical care nurse.  DirtBike had an amazing progress report with fabulous grades all around!  The Architect won the student council election and will be the student body president next year!  Princess Pea won a Windows tablet!  How COOL is that??

:captured –  Easter Selfie…because I couldn’t remember how to work the timer on the big camera, and Mass started in 20 minutes.

Pea Family Easter Selfie

::creative – I finally, finally finished that knitted lace hat. It’s gorgeous, if I do say so.

::Kill All the Cells! –  I’ve been laying low lately, not posting or writing much, mostly because I feel pretty rotten.  I have finished TEN rounds of chemo.  We’ve run upon some complications, namely a lot of fluid buildup around my lungs and heart.  More meds have been prescribed and I’m feeling better, just really, really tired.  I nodded off at mass Sunday morning like a two-year old!  Three more weeks, two more infusions and I’ll be DONE, ready to live a very long rest of my life!


  • I cooked dinner last night!  Actually stood in my kitchen, chopped, seasoned and cooked real food:  grilled chicken, tossed veggie salad and saffron rice.
  • We’re winging it the rest of the week.

::fun – Cardboard Boat Regatta, Prom (The Architect!!), maybe some gardening.  Easter Dinner with Friends!  The Architect is to the left with Mr. Pea; Princess Pea just right of me. DirtBike was out in the front driving his RC Car when we snapped the picture.  What wonderful friends we have!

2014.04.20 Easter with Friends

::fashionable –   Whatever is comfortable.  Since everything hurts, I’m doing my best to keep soft, drapey and pretty next to my skin.

Keep the Faith.

angela pea

7 thoughts on “Minutes – April 21, 2014

  1. tons and millions and billions and a whole bunch of prayers coming your way…dinner sounds really really good 🙂 Your hat is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! Sounds like your house is full of Easter cheer!!!!
    I love you (even though I have never actually met you) and I’m sending lots of prayers your way 🙂

  2. Me too Angela, and just some day we might meet…you just never know.
    You have an awesome family and I can hear the pride in your voice. They love you so much. You really are a one in a million woman. Take good care of yourself and let the Lord take care of the rest.
    Prayers and blessing for now and for always.
    Love you!

  3. Each photo, from the last few posts, is wonderful! It shows a strong and beautiful woman! I love that you have kept up such a positive attitude and outlook! I imagine that there are enough times when it’s nearly impossible to be positive, but you really are an inspiration. Even the photos show a great smile and winning attitude!

    Many prayers for you!

  4. Angela, your posts make me laugh and cry. Hang in there through these last rounds and keep up your amazing and infectious positivity. You are in my prayers. Xoxo

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