Minutes of Thankfulness – November 24, 2014

::thankful for 

  1. Rain – almost 2 inches of rain that fell slowly over 48(ish) hours and soaked in.
  2. My ridiculously hyper dog
  3. Chicken Spaghetti
  4. Mr. Pea  (NOTE….he’s doesn’t actually rank below Chicken Spaghetti and the dog…I’m just letting the brain cells fire at will.)
  5. laptop computer
  6. iPod
  7. Big ‘ole skeins of hand painted yarns waiting for me to make something
  8. Honest work
  9. Cooler weather
  10. Glorious blue skies
  11. The Architect getting a fabulous part time job
  12. Coupons in the mail for Godiva Chocolate
  13. Brookstone and Neiman Marcus Christmas Catalogs
  14. thisiswhyimbroke.com (Go ahead.  Look.)
  15. Repaired camera lens
  16. This kid:                                                                           2014.11.24  DirtBike
  17. These kids, too:                                   The Architect and Princess Pea
  18. And this wonderful young woman (and the handsome guy with her!):Cherry Ames and The Beau
  19. Orange Chicken
  20. Coffee

Be Thankful.  Keep the Faith.

angela pea

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