Notes – December 3, 2014

How are you being crafty this week?  The pink socks are finished, so I’ve pulled out a work-in-progress that’s also been on my needles for a while:  my own Color Affection.  The yarn is a luscious blend of baby alpaca and bamboo – I cannot wait to wear this wrap!

2014.12.03 2014.12.03(2)

Yarn – Classic Elite Vail in Chestnut and Parchment colorways, and Villa in Amethyst.

And that adorable project bag?  An original from Wanda at Reinventing Mother.  She has a Etsy shop, Drawstrings, for her beautiful bags, and they’re 15% off this week with the coupon code CYBERWEEK14.  Fabric bags are wonderful alternatives to wrapping paper….go check out Wanda’s store.  Her work is absolutely impeccable, and she finds the prettiest fabrics to create with!

Reading?   Advent Devotions with Jenny at The Littlest Way submittals for utility installations, concrete mix designs and geotechnical lab reports.  I miss the Outlander books!!

Linking up with Ginny…hop over and see what everyone is making.

Knit Something. Keep the Faith.

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Notes – November 12, 2014

How are you being crafty this week?  I’m working on these:


These socks.  THESE SOCKS have been in my needles for wa.a.a.a.a.y too long.  You see, I started them back around Valentine’s Day to learn how to knit toe up socks.  I worked on the first sock during chemo, then finished it and made it just past the heel on the second sock the week I was in the hospital with pneumonia. They sort of lounged around during the rest of the summer, because I wanted to work on other things.  I pulled them out a few weeks ago to wrap up, but realized that every time I touched the darn things, my head instantly went back to those awful weeks when I was so very, very sick. And I no longer liked the intricate cables that originally pulled me to the pattern. SO…I frogged the first sock back to the same level as the half finished second sock and strung them both on a single, very long cable needle so I could teach myself “Two Socks at a Time with Magic Loop”.  I fiddled around with making up a fancy leg, hated it, frogged again and am now declaring them to be plain vanilla toe up socks.  I have to get them done ASAP, because I need the cable needle to make Mr. Pea’s Christmas present!

Yarn – Colinette Jitterbug in Fuchsia

Reading?   More like Proofreading.  That storm water management plan laying under my socks. It’s due soon, and I need to wrap it up just a quickly as the socks!  I’m also still engrossed in the Outlander series; I finished both Dragonfly in Amber and Voyager, and am now a few chapters into An Echo in the Bone.  

Linking up with Ginny…hop over and see what everyone is making.

Knit Something. Keep the Faith.

angela pea

It Was Meant to Be a JOKE…

…and a way to knock another half skein or so out of the stash.  Seriously, a Cat in a Hoodie? 
Whiskey Bob
I found the pattern here, and adapted it by knitting a rib band on each armhole because I didn’t have enough dark brown to make whole sleeves. Yarn – Cascade 220, gold colorway and Pattons wool, brown colorway.
Now all Bob needs is a clock on a chain and some shades.

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