20{4}40 – Special Sunday!

441. Mass outside in the glorious sunshine
442. Bishop Vann
443. The Holy Spirit trying to blow us away
444. Stephen Breen Spirit Games
445. Hundreds of volunteers who make a day of fun, fellowship and evangelization
446. Slurpees
447. Sidewalk Chalk
448. Pie in the Face
449. Karaoke
450. Dunking Booths
451. Tootsie Rolls
452. An arena full of kids playing Dodge Ball
453. Brave souls who referee dodge ball
454. Football toss
455. Princess Pea and Prince Charming
456. Pogo sticks
457. Hula hoops
458. Magic and Illusion!
459. David Hira and his amazing testimony
left to right top to bottom:  Prince Charming (Princess Pea’s Sweetie), David Hira, The Architect, Husband
Princess Pea
Wildman (DirtBike’s  Best Bud), DirtBike 
460. Hamburgers on the grill after a long day of volunteering

 Lenten Challenge Following Ann, counting my blessings. 

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20{4}40 – Saturdays in Spring

 Lenten Challenge Following Ann, counting my blessings. 

421. Running in the morning before everyone is up and about

422. Knocking out the Fartlek sprints, then enjoying the walk back to the house

423. Birds singing

424. Oak trees that have come back this spring instead of succumbing to oak wilt

425. Pancakes for breakfast, waiting on my plate when I got home

426. Maple syrup

427. Chores getting done quickly with no complaining

428. Husband, Dirtbike and The Architect working on the tractor together

429. Husband, Dirtbike and The Architect giving up on same tractor for the time being and then shopping online for a new lawnmower to tide us over until the tractor can be properly repaired.

430. New lawnmower

431. Teen boys who are excited about having a new mower and who finished the lawn in record time.

432. Weedeaters

433. Husband and Me no longer having to do lawn work because kids are big enough to do it for us.

434. Baby tomato plants, almost ready to move to the big garden

435. Bluebonnets

436. Mass, and serving as lector

437. Fr. Tom’s newly grown beard – he looks very distinguished with it

438. Being moved to tears by the Eucharist

439. Parish Directory with pictures

440.  C.A.S.N. coming home, even if it is just to do her laundry

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20{4}40 – Breakfast, Lunch Date, Girls Night Out

401. Rabbit! Rabbit! Rabbit!

402. April Fool’s Day!

403. Finding all the furniture in the house turned UPSIDE DOWN this morning

404. Weight of baby grand saving it from…

405. The absolute silliness of teenage boys

406. Eastside Breakfast Cartel

407. Wonderful Protestant member of cartel who remembered that several of us are Catholic and observe the Lenten fast and made half of the breakfast casserole with just eggs, no sausage.

408. Surprise lunch date with Husband

409. Decaffeinated coffee

410. Excellent tuna salad at Baker Brothers

411. Black bean soup

412. Surprise shopping evening with Princess Pea

413. Finding the perfect prom dress

414. Being wonderfully surprised that the tag-less, unpriced perfect prom dress was a clearance item from the winter collection, marked down to …wait for it…. $50!!!!

415. Accidentally meeting Prince Charming and Queen Charming at the mall and enjoying the company

416. Queen Charming getting to see the perfect prom dress and be in on the excitement, especially because she lives in a house full of boys and never gets to enjoy the girly side of parenting

417. Cheese Pizza

418. Silly wrap pants, coolie hats and manly necklaces at the import store

419. Monkey Hat

420. Turning off the alarm before going to bed

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20{4}40 – Education, Odds and Ends

 Lenten Challenge Following Ann, counting my blessings. 
361. Continuing Education, because it means a little time away from my desk and a chance to catch up with peers

362. Texas Floodplain Managers Association Seminar

363. Yummy lunch at TFMA, especially the stuffed chicken

364. Generous sponsors who helped keep the cost down on the yummy lunch

365. Interesting panel discussion about FEMA mapping, floodplain development, current ordinances and laws

366. Seeing old friends

367. Seeing former clients who say “Hey! I have this project….”

368. MicroPaver

369. MicroPaver instruction book, which made it easy to learn and then to teach others

370. New elliptical machine in the gym; well, it’s new to us

371. 3.5 miles ran on new elliptical machine

372. Seeing C.A.S.N. today for a little while today

373. C.A.S.N. coming home for dinner and to borrow paint and brushes to finish a sorority project

374. Getting asked to help apply some paint to the sorority project

375. Knowing that C.A.S.N. is doing wonderfully at college and thriving

376. Tardy Husband, which left me with fifteen unscheduled minutes in which I read chapters in Exodus in preparation for tomorrow’s Bible Study

377. Quiet in the office

378. Running through the hallways at the office like a silly child because there’s nobody here to see

379. Bob the Cat

380. My pillow

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20{4}40 – Rain, Food

 Lenten Challenge Following Ann, counting my blessings. 

341. Rain. Even sparse drizzles are helpful

342. Umbrellas big enough for Mom, teens and backpacks

343. Husband who checks the tire pressure on my and Princess Pea’s cars on rainy days before we leave

image courtesy

344. Pineapple in my lunchbox

345. Raisin Bran Muffin recipe shared by Hillary

346. Raisin Bran Muffin recipe that makes a week’s worth of batter…and keeps well in the fridge

347. Pancakes for dinner

348. Studying history with DirtBike – wow, I still remember the ancient Romans

349. Checking math homework for The Architect and he got them all right

350. Book Reports

351. Art projects

352. Art projects that are finished and turned in

353. The Architect’s amazing talent

image courtsey

354. Husband helping Princess Pea with statistics because I never could see the point of it and didn’t pay that much attention when I was learning it

355. The chance to read for fun

356. Sneaking in some knitting time before bed

357. P.E. clothes that are clean and ready

358. Religion classes at school

359. School Mass

360. Bedtime

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20{4}40 – Tired Day, X-Rays and Yes, Even Poison Ivy

 Lenten Challenge Following Ann, counting my blessings. 

image from

321. Monday
322. Snooze buttons on alarm clocks
323. Leftovers ready for dinner after a long day at work
324. Teens who get home first and run the vacuum before I get home
325. Fuel efficient car – 40 mpg, Baby!

326. Dr. Tom, our amazing pediatrician for the past twenty years
327. X-Ray technology
328. Dirtbike’s accident turning out to be ‘just’ an injury and not a break
329. Orthotic inserts
330. Flexibility of teenage boys
331. Amazing healing powers of teenage boys

332. Zanfel
333. Calamine lotion by the gallon
334. IvyDry
335. Roundup, the heavy duty brush concentrate for killing poison ivy
336. Heavy rubber gloves to wear while pulling poison ivy vines and bagging it
337. The fact that I’m not terribly allergic to poison ivy and am able to take on “vine removal” to protect Husband, Cherry Ames Student Nurse, Princess Pea, The Architect and Dirtbike
338. Dumb Dog, even though he chases rabbits through poison ivy and drags urushiol back home on his fur.
339. Dog Shampoo
340. A second pair of rubber gloves for washing the dog

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20{4}40 – Flowers and a New Friend

Viburnum macrocephalum Chinese Snowball – Fort Worth Botanic Gardens

301. Meeting New Friends
302. Fort Worth Botanic Gardens
303. Fort Worth Botanic Gardens are free to the public!
304. California Poppies
305. Hydrangeas
306. Viburnum macrocephalum Chinese Snowball
307. Sunshine
308. Rose Garden
309. Texas Native Forest Boardwalk
310. Fuller Garden
311. Trial Gardens
312. Texas Bluebonnets
313. Ladybird Johnson
314. Red yucca
315. Texas sage
316. salvia greggii317. Mexican Bush sage
318. Esparanza
319. Lantana camara ‘Luscious Lemonade’
320. Lunch at La Madeline
  Lenten Challenge Following Ann, counting my blessings. EMail Anglea Pea