Welcome Back, Routine and Schedule!

“back to school”


That’s the difference between my children’s reaction and my reaction to back to school week. No, I am not glad to have my children out of the house – I miss them terribly when they are gone. I am, however, glad to have Routine and Schedule brought back into my life!

Oh how I miss those two rascals during the summer months. Having Lazy and Spontaneous come for a visit is fun, for about the first ten minutes of June. Then they start getting on my nerves. They sap my energy. They make me crabby and irritable.

I am one of those BO people – Born Organized. I have to have a plan, and a list of things to accomplish. I need everything put away in its place, preferably labeled with those embossed sticky label thingies. (Just joking!) When Routine and Schedule take up residence in my home, well, I’m one happy camper.

Unfortunately, I’m the only one. DH and DK’s couldn’t care less. So what’s a loving Mom to do to keep her family reasonably happy? Relax the routine in the summer months.

And count the days until school starts again.

My children returned to school on August 14, 2007. They are now happy about it.

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