Life and Living

Sometimes “Life” just gets in the way of living. The past few weeks have been pure overload on inconveniences. Our Nanny, the young college student who picks my younger kids up from their school and brings them to my office every day, accepted a graduate school scholarship…in another state. We’ve had two deaths in our extended family in the past two weeks. Both were expected, but emotionally crushing in spite of their inevitability. Throw teacher conferences on top of that, a brilliant child who is just “too bored” at school, a great kid who is struggling with physics class and needs extra help, volleyball tournaments, a dear husband with a work deadline that has governmental agencies calling/emailing him every hour day and night, dead trees falling on fence lines, camping trip, fall fund raising (GAG ME!), soccer season and a teenager learning to drive, wandering hermit crabs, homecoming dance, confirmation classes…well, you get the picture.

We are all still breathing, I’ve managed to have a reasonably healthy dinner on the table every evening, and everyone has clean underpants. I’m clearing the calendar for this Saturday morning, and the first child/dog/husband that wakes me up is going to be scrubbing toilets for the rest of the day with their own toothbrush.

That will be a neat trick for the dog.

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