Today I'm Thankful for CHEESE!

Both kinds – the edible sort and the strange little cartoon guy.

First, the edible sort. I’m diabetic, and still struggling to lose these last 10 pounds. Low fat cheese is my friend – I can eat it for snacks, and I get calcium for my bones without any spike in the old BG. I just ate a cheese stick with ham wrapped around it for breakfast. Wasn’t quite as satisfying as, say, a cinnamon roll, but I’m not hungry any more and it will do my body good.

Then there’s the other Cheese. That odd, yellow fellow from “Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends”. I don’t usually watch television, especially cartoons. They make me nuts. THIS show, however, I make an exception for. It is all around funny and Cheese just cracks me up. I have his voice for the ringer on my cell phone. “Ring. Ring ring. Ring. Ring ring ring…” It gets louder and louder until he’s screaming. It makes me smile every time. In fact, I tell my kids to call me just so I can hear my phone ring.

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