Today I'm Thankful for RAIN!!

I woke this morning to the sound of booming thunder and the crashing effect of lightening striking. Literally crashing – the windows were rattling and the light shades and fan covers fell down from the bathroom ceiling! All I could do as I swept up the shards was pray, “Please God, don’t let this start a grass fire in the hay field!”

Then – there was the sound, the first little splat of a big, fat, drop of rain hitting the bathroom window. Then another, and another and another! Praise the Lord, it’s raining! Rain in August is a rare thing in this corner of Texas. By this time of the year we are so totally parched that the grass and trees have gone dormant, and the coyotes are out hunting pets because all the rabbits have either starved to death or gone underground in self defense against the heat and lack of grassy nourishment.

We got a good soaking, and I could just hear the ground sigh with relief.

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