Oh Frabjous Day!

I have been working on a computerized water model for the City of Weatherford since last August. It is by far the most difficult simulation I have ever tried to build, with a gajillion miles of pipe, five elevated tanks, three ground tanks, a clearwell and a semi-manual operating system.

Oh. My. Goodness. Today is the day. The water model is finished. Really and completely finished. It has been almost finished since early spring, but not quite completely right. The deadline for the EPA has been flying in my face, and I’ve been DREAMING about this darned model and puzzling over it in my sleep! Last night I woke up with one last idea on how to get it to balance without pressure problems, and I had the foresight to write it down. Got to work today, make some changes in the logical controls and BAM!!! It works! It really works! I now have a computer simulation of the water system, and it is calibrated to the point that the computer model matches the city’s collected system data!!!

Whoot!!!! I’m grinning like a fool today.

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