An Abundance of Skirts

I used to have a fabric stash in my attic. I became very frustrated generous with it several years ago when my children were still young and underfoot, and I could never find a minute to sew anything other than a hem or button replacement. I donated the bulk of my stash to a quilter friend’s church to make quilts, bins and bins and bins of cottons, twills, wools, and linens. I kept a few favorite pieces of fabric, and have been slowly using them up here and there for costumes, kids’ school projects and throw together gifts. These skirts represent the end of the stash, at least the end of the pieces large enough to construct a garment that will cover my tush. There are enough scraps that I could still create complete wardrobes for every American Girl doll between here and Dallas. Since my own girls have outgrown their AG dolls (WHY they refuse to take them to college next year is beyond me!) I’m saving those scraps for my someday granddaughters.

I made four, count them – FOUR! – new skirts. I’ve decided that I will no longer wear shorts in the summer unless I am actually holding a fishing pole, rake or hoe in my hand. Skirts are just so much more fun and flattering, especially as I slide further into middle age where no amount of exercise will keep the cellulite at bay.

They are all shaped just like this, a simple a-line with no waistband, a concession to comfort over style.

Here’s the set. Don’t they look lovely spread out on my kitchen table? Note the creative display. I’ve folded them all in half so that you can’t see that I am wider than I am tall. I should work in a department store or something. Can you see a trend here? At one time, I had a fascination for decorated linen, enough to buy large chunks of it and stash it in the attic! The light blue one is denim, and the yellow embroidery exactly matches a favorite summer sweater shell, a perfect outfit for Friday At The Office.

I took a lesson from Darling Petunia, and made some spiffy bias tape to finish off the facings and hemlines. I like my clothes to look pretty on the inside, because you never know when you might throw them on inside out and dash out the door!

Now that the stash is officially depleted, it’s time to start scouring thrifts for some serious refashioning pieces.

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