It's Raining! It's Pouring! The Old Man Is…

…Jumping Up and Down in a Frenzy of Joy! We’ve been hot and dry for so long, He almost forgot what rain looks like. I know for sure the hayfield and gardens forgot more than a month ago, when they shriveled up and blew away in the face of continual triple digit days and a serious lack of irrigation.

It’s raining today. In fact, it has been raining all morning long. *sigh* There is nothing more lovely than the smell of wet grass and the sight of dripping trees in the middle of July when you live in Texas.

Except maybe a bowl of popcorn and an old movie with the kids on a rainy afternoon.

2 thoughts on “It's Raining! It's Pouring! The Old Man Is…

  1. Thanks for sending a little of that rain down to us in Austin! Wish it had been raining all morning… maybe tomorrow morning.And I'm glad your posts are working now. 🙂

  2. I'll swap you any amount of my rainy days for one of your triple digit days – well, maybe just high double digits, I'm in the UK after all, and triple might induce shock in the population 🙂

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