A Plethora of Pretty Aprons!

Just the thing to get us all past the dog days of summer – an apron giveaway! Here’s what I have to share – the apron, not the adorable teenager wearing it! Oh, on second thought…!

The apron is Amy Butler’s Domestic Goddess pattern, made with Donna Dewberry prints in pretty olive green. Something to keep in mind: my lovely daughter is very petite. This apron is actually knee length on the average full grown woman.
Leave me a comment and tell me how much you adore the kids in your life! Make sure you leave an email address in your post if your profile doesn’t have a link. Winner will be chosen on Friday, August 7, by drawing names out of a hat. This hat, to be specific.

(Amy Butler Blue Sky Hat; Daisy Chain fabric.)
Now head on over to the Apronista and visit all of the participants to see the most beautiful aprons ever!

44 thoughts on “A Plethora of Pretty Aprons!

  1. My 2 daughters are the best! And I get to stay home and care for them and teach them…could there be a better “job”? Between the spontaneous hugs and the baby grins it is bliss…

  2. Love the apron (and you have a stunning model!) – I keep looking at that pattern sitting on my work table thinking I need to make it – how cool would it be to win yours?!And for adoring those kids – hard not to with their curly heads and sassy grins – plus, the little one can touch her nose with her tongue – that'll make anyone smile!Karen G.

  3. Your daughter and the apron are adorable! Although it might be tempting to add another child, I think with 10 children, we have enough for now. However, I can never have enough aprons:)thank you for a chance to win the apron;)Ciao for now

  4. I adore all 33 of my kids… though 32 of them don't come home with me. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I refer to my fifth grade students as “my kids” because it's hard to not adore them and take them home with me in my heart. Teaching would be a tough gig for those without a lot of extra room in their heart. It's too difficult to not get attached!

  5. Very cute! Love the green!I adore my two kiddos most days when I'm not fishing things out of the toilet or trying to find a place to get rid of a booger. You know what… apparently I really need that apron!!

  6. Cute apron! Being a mom is the best job in the whole world. I can't imagine doing anything else. Why would I want to work with a bunch of people that I don't care about who drive me crazy all day when I can be at home (still crazy sometimes) but with people I adore. No brainer.

  7. OK, the apron is VERY pretty, but the model is even prettier!Right now the favorite 'kid' in my life is my 2 year old granddaughter. She truly makes us feel young again and we enjoy every single moment with her.

  8. i don't know if there are enough words to say how much i adore my daughter! i wanted to adopt a little girl from China since i was 8 & now i have her! She just turned 6 & is the love of my life!~misschell

  9. Wow! I don't have room to tell you how much I adore the kids in my life. I have two children that I actually gave birth to, and have had 16 foster children. I have several grandchildren, and just when you think, “how in the world could I love another one as much as these ?” the next once comes along and steals your heart all over again! My quiver overflows as does my heart!I love the apron!

  10. Oh if they would just stay kids- actually they get more adorable the older they get when you see them blossom into the person God created them to be!Thanks for the great giveaway!blessings mary

  11. I love my daughter Maddie more than words could ever express, what a blessing from God she is. She would look great cooking with her dad in the apron. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win.

  12. what a fun apron! I don't have words to describe my adoration for kids…I taught first graders for 9years before I had my own (it was nice to be able to send them home after a long day, ha ha!) Now I absolutely love being a mom, aunt, and great aunt. Kids are the light in my life!

  13. I love, love, love the kids in my life, my kids, my nieces and nephews, my kids' friends!!! They are all so special to me! Thanks for the chance to win this awesome apron – very lovely!

  14. I don't have any kids of my own, but I love hanging out with friends and their kids. Swimming in the pool, watching fireworks, playing board games, it all makes me think that I want my own kids some day….

  15. Hey there. I'm no where near the point where I'd think about having children. Is your daughter wearing a MathCounts shirt? I volunteered grading tests and I think I recognize the TSPE logo on the sleeve! By the way, cute apron!

  16. @ Squareby Why, YES! My darling daughter IS wearing a Mathcounts shirt! I've been a state director in TSPE for decades – Katie was a participant many years ago, and has been a regular volunteer (proctor, grader) for the past five years. Un fact, our whole family has volunteered. We have dozens of those grey shirts in many sizes and various stages of deterioration!

  17. WOW what a cute apron. My kids are the best things that ever happened to me. I love watching them grow up to hopefully become wonderful young women.

  18. Lovely apron! I'd love to win. I have a 2-year-old son. Sure, he tries my patience at times, but the joy he brings me far outweighs any frustration!

  19. Love the apron! the print is too pretty!! your daughter is a doll!I am so lucky to have really great kids. My daughter is my best friend. We have so much fun together. and my son just became a policeman and i am so very proud of him. Yes, I am very proud of my kids! thanks for the chance to win your apron!

  20. I had one of those mama moments you never want to forget today. I was helping my toddler put his water shoes on to go outside and play and he leaned over and give me the sweetest kiss. What more could this mama want. I love those moments it makes being a mom so special and worth it.Great apron. I love Amy Butler! I hope you can stop by my giveaway too. I'm in Mr.Linky as From Head 2 Toe

  21. Love my children, you say? With all my heart! And…I get three little grandbabies to love as well. I feel so very blessed.Your apron is wonderful. I love the length.Thanks for the get-away. ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. Thanks for the chance to win this apron. Your daughter is very peite just as mine is. I have 2 kids and love them to death. I work with my daughter everyday. You know that shows a whole lotta love.lolMy son is also the light of my life. He and I have the same taste in everything. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH….. Tell your daughter thanks for moldling the apron.Come join my blog fun on or

  23. Green is my favorite color. I wouldn't mind the teenager either! I have one who wants a sister instead of her brother.

  24. DJ and Darcy – My oldest daughter is wonderful; she's 18 now, and will be leaving home next year for college. My younger daughter (pic to be posted soon) is terrific, too, as are their younger brothers. I have a house full of teenagers!

  25. The apron looks terrific! I'd love to win!There are many different stages as the children grow – we're just moving out #2. The house will be quiet with only 2 left.Mama Martinjdkrmar*at*

  26. I hope I am not too late!!! Love this green gem of an apron. I am very tall so it would look great on me! LOL. ;PThanks for coming by The Apron Goddesses! Bye for now!

  27. Oh I forgot…I love my kids so much it hurts!!! I just want to hug my little daughter and give her big kisses on the cheek all the time.

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