Still Alive…

…barely. It’s been eons since I’ve posted. Well, perhaps not an actual eon; not even a decade. It’s been a mental eon, though.

Not long after the previous post, my office laid off several folks. It was a sad, sad event. The engineering firm I work for is wonderfully family oriented and truly vested in the lives of our employees. Each and every person who was let go was a friend, and we’re all still reeling over the necessity of having to say goodbye. It’s a sad fact, though, that the engineering consulting inudstry is closely tied to the overall economy of our communities. If citizens aren’t spending money and property values are declining, tax revenues go down. When said citizens are busy paying down their own debts instead of buying bonds, city revenues decline. The design and construction of streets, utility infrastructre, and parks are funded by tax revenues and bonds. You can figure out the rest on your own.

Thankfully, I have a backlog of projects to keep myself, my designer and my technician employed through the fall of next year. We’re starting to see other small signs of the economy improving, such as rising construction costs, increases in private development and more new schools being commissioned. I’m hopeful that we’ve bottomed out and are going to be okay by next year.

The week following the layoffs, swine flu reared it’s ugly head in my household. Teen Daughter#2 is the one who got sick. We were fortunate that it wasn’t that bad – just like the regular flu with a stomach virus tossed in for some extra fun. She slept for several days and I spent a lot of time disinfecting every washable surface in the house. I kept her isolated from the rest of the family the entire time she was sick, and one else in the house caught it. (Knock on Wood!)

Finally, it’s just that time of year. I love, Love, LOVE fall – but it also means a gazillion things going on at church and school: fundraisers, Fall Festival, high school football games, voice auditions, mid term papers, family birthdays (we’re all clustered between August and October!), college football, confirmation preparation, orthodontics needing to go on-come off, broken fingers, lost dogs, community garage sale, SAT exams, PSAT exams, and so on and so on.

Hubby is taking a day off next week, all the kids have the same day off of school and I’m going to play hooky from work. We’re going to the Texas State Fair to enjoy the day together, eating corndogs, riding the ferris wheel and gawking at the new car show. It’s going to be fun.

3 thoughts on “Still Alive…

  1. Was just thinking about you. Sorry to hear about your layoffs and H1N1. Fall really is busy. Though when I think about it, the winter is busy and spring is pretty busy, too. LOL Hope you're hanging in there.

  2. Mmm… corndogs… Have a fun day at the fair. I always intend to go to the state fair, but the triple digits that we usually encounter here at the end of August tend to change my plans. We missed it this year. Boo. Will try again next year!

  3. What a rough time we are in, but as you said maybe the bottom has been hit and we are on our way back up. I sure hope so, seeing as how my husband is a realtor! I'm glad the flu wasn't worse for your daughter, even though I'm sure it was bad enough. I'm glad no one else got it! Have a great day off to the fair next week. You deserve it!

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