Giveaway Day!

Sew, Mama, Sew! is hosting Giveaway Day, a fabulous way to find new online stores, visit new blogs and make new friends. Most of all, it’s a wonderful way to spread some Holiday Cheer!

I have this lovely pearl bracelet to share. It’s 7 1/2″ of delicate quad stitch bead weaving, incorporating freshwater pearls with a rice krispie texture.


The clasp is a single pearl with a very unusual shape, almost like a little snowman! I suppose if you were brave and took a fine point Sharpie to it, you could actually have a little snowy guy.


Every woman should have pearls that she wears as casually as plastic beads, and she should wear plastic beads as if they are pearls!
How To Partake of the Goodness:

  • Entry #1 – Leave me a comment between now and midnight December 6th, EST. (It’s not just a conincident that the Giveaway actually happens on the Feast Day of St. Nicholas!)
  • Entry #2 – Write a post about this giveaway on your blog, and let me know about it here.
  • The Fun is Open to everyone! I’ll ship anywhere on Planet Earth!
  • Make sure you leave me a way to contact you if you win – EMail addy, blog location, carrier pidgeon stoop, GPS coordinates…they all work.
  • I’ll use my favorite method for choosing – drawing a name out of a hat. This hat, to be precise.

    Good Luck, and Merry Christmas!

175 thoughts on “Giveaway Day!

  1. I have a pair of pearl earrings that I love. I have always reserved them for special occasions. However, I have begun wearing them for everyday. I mean, why am I saving them?? How aprapos that I have found you and your blog echoing my very thoughts and actions!!

  2. I love it! I have an obsession with pearls that my husband can not keep up with! I blogged about the giveaway and became a follower. (I know this doesn't give another entry but I thought you might like to know!)

  3. Lovely bracelet and I love your statement about pearls and plastic. Also wanted to add I like you header very much and the treatment the photo has been given. Makes it look like it's been printed on canvas.

  4. Thanks for emailing me the pics – I think it must be my comp having a meltdown!Your bracelet is so beautiful, it reminds me of part of an Elizabethan costume πŸ™‚

  5. wow, what a lovely piece. i've been keeping an eye out for some pearls lately, spurred by a lack of them for a halloween costume, but every girl must generally have some pearls.thanks for posting such a fabulous giveaway! :)cheerssarita0818 at comcast dot net

  6. Woo hoo ! I love pearls…And talking about Saint Nicolas reminds me one of my childhood songs : “oh saint nicolas, moi j'aime bien le chocolat…”

  7. That is a beautiful bracelet. I can't believe you are willing to part with it. I love pearls but don't actually own any of my own so this would be a great start. Thanks for the chance to win.

  8. Hi. I am Miss E's mom. Emily wears her pearl bracelet almost every day. She feels so special in it. That was such a thoughtful pay it forward gift. She is now officially on the sewing machine. She just made some bean bags. Next she will be making a Christmas tree skirt to go underneath our tree this year. And soon she'll be making the pillowcase. We'll let you know when she has completed it so you can take a look and put a picture of it on your blog if you want to. If you would like to visit Emily again her blog address is http://www.sewingsister.blogspot.com She is also doing a giveaway; so maybe you can enter hers. I am doing one as well. I have two blogs, a sewing one and an art one. http://www.sewingwithtrudy.blogspot.com and http://www.artisticcreationswithtrudy.blogspot.comThank you so much for your generous giveaway. Have a blessed day and hope to hear from you soon.Trudytrudy dot callan at gmail dot com

  9. Hi. It's me Emily. My mom told me about your giveaway. I would love a chance to win. I really like my pearl bracelet. Thank you again so much! And I can't wait to make the pillowcase.I hope you can enter my giveaway, too.Love Emily

  10. would be a pearlyperfect match to another bracelet I have!Thank you for the chance to win such an awesome giveaway! You have a generous heart and giving spirit!Merry Christmas!mayhem5@softhome.nethttp://thequiltingdee.blogspot.com/

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