Happy New Year!

I’ve been visiting blogs, and everyone is in a happy tizzy about a fresh start in a new decade. The more ambitious are actually tackling closets and basements, tossing out the junk and starting the New Year organized, itemized and clearly labeled. My Friends!

Give. It. Up.

You don’t stand a chance against the chaos that accompanies living with a husband and children. Case in point:

This is the junk drawer in my kitchen, looking rather tidy because I just cleared it out yesterday evening. However, look closely. In the interim 22 hours, here is what has magically accumulated in this drawer.

1. Blue toothbrush that belongs to nobody in this house
2. Faceless lego man with various small lego parts
3. Preteen Son#2’s watch that has been missing for four months
Note: said watch was NOT in the drawer yesterday!
4. Half eaten candy cane
5. Silver cross necklace
6. Twist-ties that my Darling insists on saving and that I continue to throw away because they are never used for anything once removed from the bread bags
7. Picture hangars (?!)
8. Hole punch – yeah! I was looking for that!
9. Four odd pieces from three different board games
10. Really old lip gloss, dried out and tossed straight into the trash
11. A Bionicle part
12. Light up top
13. Random red plastic box
14. Fishing bobber
15. Flash drive (Teen Daughter#1 was looking for that)
16. Spiffy beaded bead that has mysteriously transported itself from my beading case
17. The dog’s rabies tag
18. Calculator that belongs to Teen Daughter#2, removed before the snapshot was composed
19. Dog biscuit, snarfed by the dog who always waits by my feet when I’m in the kitchen
20. Half of a poptart, also snarfed by the dog when I dropped it


Just because I’m feeling expansive this evening, here are the two – TWO – junk drawers in the laundry room that will stay Just Like This because I am taking the high road heeding my own advice and Giving Up before I waste another minute cleaning out a drawer that will be piled with random stuff less than twenty-four hours after I finish my Fling-Boogie!
Happy New Year, My Friends! May yours be tidy and full of joy!

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