Friday Favorites – Kids in a Cave & My Husband!

  Another big shout out to Hillary over at The Other Mama.  It’s another Friday Favorites Blog Carnival, and even though I’m a few days past Friday, I’m going to back-date this post and toss my name into the carnival.   Hop over there and visit the other participants!

Wow…it’s been a week, and nary a post from me.  Why, you might wonder?  Because it’s SPRING BREAK, we have horrible plumbing problems and we’re all sick again with the creeping crud.

First, Spring Break.  I miss this wonderful academic tradition.  Sure, my kids are off of school, but my employer just doesn’t see the logic in letting us have a week off for free.  In fact, there were several meetings scheduled for earlier in the week, as well as a submittal deadline on Wednesday morning.  My husband and I both take off of work on Wednesday afternoon, because we need to tackle…

… the plumbing problems. We have two toilets that need to be reset with new wax seals.  Ugh.  Not a fun job, but really simple enough to do ourselves.  You just have to be very careful not to drop the very heavy porcelain toilet, or it will break.  Then, we have a leaky shower.  Not the shower head or the valve; no, I mean a leak where the shower pan beneath the floor is cracked and water has been seeping out, soaking the carpet. filling the crawlspace beneath the whirlpool with mold and soaking up into the wallboard.  THAT kind of leak.  Grrrr.  Then, husband’s work calls him, my work calls me and everything becomes an emergency, while we’re in the middle of trying to FIX our plumbing problems.  We get off the phones, my husband looks at me and says “Let’s Run Away!”.

And we DID!!  Seriously!  Called the kids in, packed bags, and headed south to San Marcos within the hour.  Made hotel reservations with Teen Daughter#1’s iPhone on the drive down there.  Stopped and looked at two college campuses. It was loads and loads of fun, especially because it was so totally out of character for both Husband and I to do something so impulsive and spontaneous.
Kids in the Cave (left) and Fairy Castles (right)
The kids all thought that Husband and I had lost our minds.  Actually, I think we just found them for a few days!  The entire trip was just so much fun. We laughed and talked the entire way to San Marcos.   We visited the Natural Bridge Caverns and were totally amazed at the formations.  Husband was really impressed, as this was his first time to ever climb down into a cave.   PreTeen Son#2 kept hoping to see bats.  Sadly, they were none in residence during this time of the year.
Teen Daugher#1, Me and Husband in front of the Alamo – San Antonio

After spelunking, we hopped down to San Antonio for a stroll through the Alamo and dinner on the Riverwalk at Zuma’s.  (Black bean salsa!  Blue corn and chicken nachos!) The only sad thing was that we all came home with colds, all six of us.  Eh!  It was worth it…

…so very, very worth it!
Angela Pea

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