Friday Favorites – Fidget Birds and Flowers

  Hmmm…Three Friday Favorites in a row, with nothing else in between! Dang if life just doesn’t get in the way of my blogging habit! I just had to make time for Hillary’s Friday Blog Carnival, though, so here I am, sitting up way past my bedtime to get this published.

My favorite thing about this week is that we all surrvived.  Remember last week – I made a casual statement about how we all came home from our impromptu trip with colds?  Oh baby. By Monday my darling husband was miserable, running a fever, talking a decible lower and sounding like he had his head shoved in a bucket.   He actually went to the doctor without me nagging  driving him myself.  The diagnoses? Serious sinus infection, the kind where the Doctor just shakes his head, asks you to drop your pants for a shot in the behind and then sends you home with a Z-pack and prescription strength decongestants.  Husband actually stayed home from work.  *gasp* 

Cyclmen in the gardens – Natural Bridge Caverns, San Antonio.  Placed just so in this post for a splash of color to keep your attention and to provide some relief from my surrvival whining.  Bear with me…Just a little bit more to go. 


Then Teen Daugther#1 got laryngitis. And pinkeye.  Not that either one is necessarily a catastrophe, but she had to leave today for state honor choir ensemble and solo competitions. I kept her home from school the past two days with strict orders to sleep all day and not talk.  She was feeling better this afternoon, and her voice was back. I packed her on the bus with a baggie full of dayquil, decongestants, tea bags, eye drops and a small jar of honey.  If you’re of a mind to add your prayers to mine that she makes it through the weekend without coming home with pneumonia or bronchitis, they would be appreciated.

So!  Enough griping and on to the good stuff.  I finally finished peeking at the pictures I took last week in San Antonio, and found this lovely!  The sparrow was just sitting there on the ledge.  I quickly sat the camera down on the ledge, opened the aperature as far as I could and snapped, hoping I’d catch him before he moved. Score! I love how the focus is sharp just on the Fidget Bird. No, I’m not nuts, I really did mean to type “Fidget Bird”.  Preteen Son#2 calls sparrows “Fidget Birds”, a name he invented when he was little.  We came out of church one Sunday, where he had just been made to sit quietly and stay still for an hour. There was a large flock of sparrows hopping all around in the church garden, and he immediately exclaimed, “God lets the birds fidget at church!”  The name stuck, and we’ve been calling them Fidget Birds every since.
Today I discovered some favorite friends in my garden.  I’ve hardly been outside this week – I’m so glad I came home early today for a quick walkabout!

Grape Hyacinths from my front garden.
Another miniature daffodil, ‘Minnow’, also  from the front garden

Ah….it’s all good.

Angela Pea

10 thoughts on “Friday Favorites – Fidget Birds and Flowers

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog earlier. I like your idea about sending cookies around the world in a pringles can! I may try that soon. Is there any trick to keep the cookies from picking up the potato chip scent? Or does a good washing suffice?

  2. How do you put the Friday Fav thing in your post? I love your flower picts. We are a few weeks away from anythings blooming here in MT! Hope everyone is well soon!

  3. I loved the garden pictures!! This way I can enjoy the flowers without the hay fever!! Thank you for visiting my site and leaving comments…. It meant a lot!!God Bless

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