Wanty – My Doctor's Scale

I had a doctor’s appointment today for my allergies. (Yeah.  They’re that bad.)  According to the scale in her office, I am down TWELVE POUNDS!!!  I know there’s no earthly way I could have possibly lost 12 pounds since Sunday, so it must be her scale.  I wanted to shove it in my handbag Mary Poppins style and take it home with me.


5 thoughts on “Wanty – My Doctor's Scale

  1. 😀 Wouldn't it be great though? MAybe it means you have done a fabulous loss though, ooh fingers crossed.Much as I would love to come all the way to Texas to clean your garden and base boards… I somehow don't see it happening anytime soon *g* You did make me laugh though 😛

  2. loving this blog! I've been out of pocket for a few months, unable to squeeze blog time into my 30 hour days…so had a great time catching up with your adventures. I fell off the weight loss wagon in January (when the chaos hit my life) but am inspired now to get back to losing the other 70 of the 100 pounds I need to lose!

  3. I started gaining on the gym scale, but I figured out it's off because they moved it for the contest they're holding. If I jiggle it down just right I lose 2.5 pounds!They have another scale, a balance scale, in the bathroom, so I just use that one. It used to be higher than the electronic one, but now it's lower. So I started using it!

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