Learning to Run Week Two – NOPE!

Gads!!  I started running today, and the WIND is ferocious out there!  It took my breath away, and then the allergies started and I was coughing and sneezing, and my eyes were watering so badly that I almost ran into a tree.  Seriously.
I turned around and scooted back to the office, where I did 40 minutes of Pilates in my office.  Really!  Laying on the floor between my desk and my work table.  Did you know that there are FREE video podcasts on iTunes with Pilates workouts?  I found one, loaded it up on the computer and did Pilates, right here!  In the Privacy of my Own Office! 
I wonder what they guys thought when they walked by and saw me lying on the floor doing leg kicks?  They already don’t know exactly how to deal with me…I’m the only female professional engineer in our entire company.  In fact, I’m the only female on this side of the building.  The company changed the sign on one of the mens bathrooms when I was hired so that there would be a ladies bathroom.
I did cheat a little today….ate five potato chips. Wasted 1.5 WW points on some salty, crunchy goodness.  Pfffft!


4 thoughts on “Learning to Run Week Two – NOPE!

  1. Yay for you doing Pilates in your office! That is what I call dedication and determination. I don't exercise in my own living room, because I don't want my hubby and his customers to see me. (My hubby's shop is visible through our living room!)

  2. Well done! I'd love to be able to run. One day. The pilates sounds brilliant – fantastic job.I bet that tasted the best 1.5 points in the world though didn't it??

  3. I ate Cheez-its today… and it was more than 5.lolKUDOS to you, girl for working out in your office. And a double portion for being awesome!!

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