Learning to Run – Week Two Do-Over, Second Run

Mercy…summer is upon us here in North Central Texas.  I got out and did my little walk-run this morning while it was still only 78 degrees outside.  Made it through the prescribed four cycles of walk five minutes, run two minutes.  LOL!  I think I walk faster than I run at this point!

I discovered this morning that I need to get my sunglasses replaced.   I wear prescription sunglasses, but I don’t keep them as up-to-date as my regular glasses.   This morning, in my sunglasses, I mistook my neighbor’s dog for my dog.  I had grabbed the poor thing by the collar and was fussing at him for being out of his yard and telling him to go home right this instant.  I wondered why he just sat down and looked confused…then I noticed that his muzzle is just a little bit more grey than my Max’s, and he’s just a tad bit smaller.  In my own defense a) I was wearing my sunglasses and not my regular full strength bifocals; b) the sun was glaring right in my eyes; and c)  Max and the neighbor’s dog are both huge, black, and have the same camouflage nylon collar from WalMart.

I’m so glad the neighbors didn’t poke their head out the door and see me yelling at their dog in the middle of the street.


One thought on “Learning to Run – Week Two Do-Over, Second Run

  1. Lucky for you he wasn't aggressive! I'm not a big fan of dogs, especially out of their yards. It's one of the reasons I like to exercise indoors. Sounds like you found a beautiful time to exercise today.

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