Saturday – Reclaiming the Garden

Iris ‘Breakers’ – Front Garden, May 2010
I consider myself to be an avid gardener.  Love to get out in the dirt, nurture baby seedlings into giant flowers or veggies.  I have to admit that I’ve let my gardens go.  Lack of time once I went back to work full time and the ongoing drought sort of killed them.
However – we had rain this winter.  Serious amounts of rain.  Enough to fill lakes and recharge aquifers, and enough to revive my garden!!  I spent this entire morning digging, weeding, and tilling – about 30 WW activity points worth of work!  Yeah!  More astonishingly, I found old friends.  Perennials that I thought were totally dead and gone are pushing up leaves and blooming their heads off.  I’m flabergasted at their resilience. 
Iris ‘Painted Clouds’ – back garden, April 2010
I need some of that, especially for the days when cookies are screaming my name.

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