Learning to Run – Week Three, First Run and a Big PFFFT!!

Running – check.  Three minutes walking, four running, repeat three times.  I ran indoors on a treadmill today, as the wind is gusting at 30-40 mph, and I just didn’t feel like getting blown into the path of an oncoming car.  Something about broken legs and internal injuries just doesn’t appeal to me.
BIG PFFFT!  I gained a pound this week.  I know exactly why.  I received some rather disturbing  news last week, and in my mounting panic, I knowingly ate more than a few cookies.  And Chick-fil-a nuggets with waffle fries.  And a large hamburger WITH a bun and onion rings.  And some licorice.  And a piece of cake!! 

Am I a stress eater?  You betcha. 

I kept up with moving by running, pilates and gardening, but it wasn’t enough to compensate for the indulgences.  Eh.  I’m off to a better start already this week, and I will be successful.  No dipping into the WW weekly allowance points for me this week!  Well, unless I totally max out on activity points.

I hesitate to fully disclose the disturbing news until I get full reports back (hopefully this week) from all the doctors involved and the lab results, including pathology.  Yeah, pathology.  It’s that bad.  Prayers would be appreciated that this turns out to be nothing.


One thought on “Learning to Run – Week Three, First Run and a Big PFFFT!!

  1. Whatever the news, hopefully the exercise you're doing, and the (generally) healthy eating, will help you get through it.

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