Learning to Run – Week Four, First Run

Did it!!   It’s super hot and muggy in Texas today, and in spite of this, I actually ran MORE than I walked!  Did the entire interval set with not a single stitch in my side, or ache in my hip.   Can you believe it??   I am totally impressed and so very pleased with myself.  I feel like a little kid waving a perfect math paper in front of my Mom, jumping up and down with excitement, wriggling with anticipation of a big smile from her and a boatload of praise!
Weigh in was yesterday – a whopping half pound lost.  Isn’t that just grand?  Just how much is a half pound?
Two of these………………one of these……………..or one of these, full
Doesn’t seem like a lot, does it.  That’s okay.  I’ll take it, just becasue I RAN today!  *all smiles and grins*
Butter Image by Julia Ewen for the Washington Post


4 thoughts on “Learning to Run – Week Four, First Run

  1. Thanks for the visual! I lost a quarter pound last week…when I picture it as a cube of butter I'm pretty impressed.

  2. Oh I use that stick of butter imagery myself! I do much better when I can visualize what I've lost. Shows you how real that quarter or half a pound is, rather than seeming negligible 🙂

  3. Brilliant job. I so have to get me some decent trainers, mine are about falling off my feet and then attempt to follow in your footsteps 😛

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