Friday Favorites – Catch and Release

This past weekend, we released our first born into the wild, ready for college and whatever lies beyond. Employment! Marriage! Babies!
She’s been accepted into a nursing program, and is going to be a Pediatric Nurse Practicioner.  We are so proud of her – so sad to see her go, so happy that she’s happy.

Angela Pea

3 thoughts on “Friday Favorites – Catch and Release

  1. Wow is right! What a beautiful career for a beautiful young woman. I have adored my children's nurses, and am very grateful. I am not ready to even imagine being in your shoes right now; I've been crying like crazy– at 2:25 p.m. my first born was just a kindergartener, then at 2;30 p.m. “poof” he became a first grader. You are amazing.

  2. I *heart* nurse practioners! I hope she {and you} enjoy the college years! And so happy your losing weight hand over fist! I just love feeling healthy when I'm not so pudgy:) I'm trying to figure out how to hem pants with my old table Singer that doesn't have that skinny arm.

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