Sew What!

Okay – like I seriously have time to do any sewing?  Why am I torturing myself? 

Let’s see….it’s summer.  I’m bored. I’m losing weight hand over fist and need to tailor all of my dress pants and skirts.  I already dragged my sewing machine out of the closet to do some mending, so it’s already set up on the dining room table.  It’s too hot to run outside. My fingers are just ITCHING to sew!  Yes.  That’s my reasoning, and it suits just fine!


I’m joining my bloggy friend Cynthia from The Sewing Dork, and her friend Michelle from When Wednesday Calls for Sew What!, a summer sew-along.  Participants pick their fabric and tackle the challenge projects.
Click here for more info, as well as the blog button.
For myself, I’m choosing cotton fabrics – specifically recycled cottons, re-purposed cottons, stash-busting cottons!!  Any cotton is fair game, as long as it supports my efforts for a responsible, sustainable lifestyle.  And, just to be up front with the fact that I will be bending the rules to suit my own needs, I’m tackling the first denim skirt challenge by remaking a COTTON denim skirt that has become so large on me that it twists around when I walk.  I just hate it when the fly zipper ends up on my left hip. Seriously.
Angela Pea


One thought on “Sew What!

  1. I want to see the skirt!And… so glad to hear your daughter will be a pediatric nurse. That is absolutely wonderful; they are angels. She will fit the role well. 🙂

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