Learning to Run Week Five/Six, Whichever Number Run, Kayaking and WOW!!!

Okay.  I admit I’ve lost track!  We had a marvelous Memorial Day weekend, visiting friends and lazing around.  I didn’t get any running in; however, I did go kayaking.  Yes, we finally procured Teen Son#1’s very belated Christmas Present, a pair of kayaks, paddles and new adult sized life vests.  (We admit to being terrible parents, letting such things as a total ABSENCE of kayaks in stores in the middle of winter,  an early spring plagued with two rounds of the flu and then a late spring washed away in an abundance of rain get prevent us from obtaining our Darling Son’s Christmas present ON TIME.  Bad Mom and Dad!)
What a marvelous way to earn those WW activity points!!  Fresh air, open water, and fun kids to paddle with.
That said, I DID run today.  I did a complete mile without stopping.  Only because Buff Chad (our trainer here at work) was watching and I couldn’t cheat.  Now I’m totally amazed at myself.  I ran a WHOLE MILE without stopping .
The WOW??  I lost another 3.5 pounds last week, and bypassed my 5% goal.
Kayak Image courtesy of Sports Authority.
Yeahbut, these are the actual kayaks
we procured! 


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