Holy Smoke, Batman!

She’s running again!!  For those of you who keep up (and thank you so much for your support and for keeping me accountable!) you know that June postitvely sucked raw eggs for my Learning to Run Program.  First the ridiculous injury and then last week I had some minor surgery*.  It didn’t seem very minor to me last Wednesday evening in the throes of pain and the aftereffects of anesthesia – I was sure that I wouldn’t be running again for months and months. 
However;  that sappy cliche about time healing all things = so true.  I intended to take a walk at lunch today, got out there and decided I felt pretty good, so I started jogging.  I ended up going three miles, running a little more than half of that, walking really fast the other half.   Whoot!  I may not be so far behind in my plans to run a 5K in September!
*Part of my Cancer Schmancer Scare – tumor is now gone, final pathology is NEGATIVE, and I got an EA to boot!  If anyone is looking forward to the same procedures, email me (angelapeaktf at gmail dot com) and I’ll share my experiences.  Knowledge is power, and yes it was uncomfortable.

2 thoughts on “Holy Smoke, Batman!

  1. You're doing terrific! I'm so glad to hear your path was normal. Good luck getting ready for that 5K. It sounds like you are about there already.

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