Defatifying the Dog

That’s what the kids call it.  Defatifying the Dog.  We have a rotweiller/black lab mutt.  He’s a seriously big dog.  The top of his head is about upper thigh level.  Not only is he big, he is was fat.  That’s because we had issues in our house with everyone feeding the dog when he whines or looks pitifully at his empty food bowl. 

As I worked at chiseling away my own body clutter, I decided that the dog could use some help, too. I set out to convince my husband and kids that the dog is NOT starving to death.  To pound into their brains that he really only needs two cups of kibble a day. Only. TWO. cups. Even though he’s a big dog.  That’s what the instructions on the bag say.  That’s what the note from the VET says.  I also added “Walk the Dog” to the chore chart – and I nag the kids to take him around the neighborhood a few times a day.  Then I walk him again every evening.
Poor baby.  The first few weeks he would get about a half mile from the house and just lay down in the middle of the road.  Do you have any idea how hard it is for a 120 poud teenager to move a 125 pound dog?  Teen Daughter#1 would call….”Dad? Mom?  Max is laying down in the middle of the street and he won’t move.  The neighbors are driving around him.  I think you need to bring the car.”   Uh, no.  Just go sit in the shade and wait for the dumb dog to get up again. 
Weeks go by.  Max is acting a little more perky!  He’s feeling fine.  He brings his leash when it’s walking time.  (How do dogs know time?)  Last night, I am pleased to announce that Mr. Max walked for an entire hour, and didn’t lay down even once!  He even tried to run away from a chihuahua.  And, we can see his waistline again.  Go Max!


3 thoughts on “Defatifying the Dog

  1. Funny you say that as everytime I hop on the treadmill I think I should take my dogs for a walk instead. I tried putting them on th treadmill but they dnt like it!

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