Games People Play

I’m talking about REAL games, not mind-numbing brain games, even though those are fun, too.  Nope.  Today we’re talking about silly games to get your behind up off the sofa and out the door.
I played “Lets Run Up Hills” Tuesday evening with my kids and the dog. Okay, actually the dog gave up and just laid at the top of the hill, but the kids ran with me! Dumbest game in the world, thank you Buff Chad*. You walk out your front door, go to the biggest hill in your neighborhood then proceed to run UP the hill and walk down several times, until you feel like barfing or until your hamstring breaks, whichever comes first. I usually give in at the barfing stage.
*Buff Chad = Personal Trainer who comes to our office and makes us exercise during our lunch hour. Same Dude responsible for my soleus injury. Why do I listen to him? Oh, wait. Because he’s cute. And Buff. And seems to know what he’s doing. And I want to believe that I can force my almost fiftyish year-old body that has born four children to look like my teen daughters’. 
Here’s a link to his picture. Go ahead and look. He’s the guy in the blue shirt on the top left. Ignore the rest of the stuff on the web site because I am NOT promoting any product or trying to sell you anything.  Unless you just want to be sold.  If so, then contact Buff Chad directly.

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