Hot and Hotter

Hello, Chickies!

Am I whining again?  You bet your britches.  Or not, if you have issues over wandering the streets pantless.  Because I AM.  I AM whining. I AM, I AM, said Sam I Am.
It is hot.  Hot beyond hot.  Miserable hot that fries your brain cells the moment you step outdoors.  And I don’t want to hear any fluff about “humidity” or the “feel-like-it” temperature.  The regular temperature, which just happens to be ONE HUNDRED SIX degrees farenheit today, is bad enough – thank you very much.
*sigh* as she relishes the moment of pity from her adoring readers.
Rant over!  That was the hot part.  Hotter, you must be wondering?  ME!  I’m on fire! I’ve resorted to walking indoors, and I’m loving it.  Air Conditioning makes it so very easy to crank out 2.5 miles in 30 minutes.  My clothes continue to get bigger.  I conquered the plateau. Jumped right over the edge!  (See progress charts at left.)  I actually walked away from pizza on Friday evening.  Walked Away, I tell you!  WALKED AWAY! 


3 thoughts on “Hot and Hotter

  1. Thanks for your comments on my blog. What time is lunch for you? We walked our mile about 11:45 CDT. Indoors, in the air conditioning. I could not do it in the kind of heat you're talking about.Thanks for whining a bit! Misery loves company! It's always good to have a little empathy. How is it that knowing we're not alone gives us the courage to go on?

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