Learning to Run – Fail

Learning to Walk – Ding! Ding! Ding!
We Have a WINNER!!

Hello Chickies!

Isn’t it weird how you put off seeing a doctor forever and a day, then you have some sort of serious scare involving the “C-word” and then you find yourself calling the doctor and the nurse practitioner for every little thing?  *sigh* 
Okay.  I’ve been trying to relearn how to run.  I was a runner in my teens and twenties.  I ran long distances, up and down hills. I ran because I had to, carrying a backpack and an M-16, wearing BDU’s and a helmet.  I ran because it was fun, in hot pink shorts and a teeny tank top.  I loved running.
Then I stopped.  Not all at once, but over the years as babies came along and life got in the way.  Earlier this year I thought to myself, “Self!  You should run again!  What great, efficient exercise!”  So I hopped online, researched beginner runner programs, talked to a marathon runner friend and started to learn to run again. It’s not as easy as it was thirty years ago, now that I’m staring the big Five-Oh in the face.  Every run required more than 48 hours to recover.  Every run hurt.  Not my lungs, but my hips and my knees.
I just started back running after injury and surgery, and it still hurts.  I had a conference with my Doctor (bless her heart) and then with Buff Chad.  I’m going to stop running before I cause some serious damage to myself.  Instead, I’m SPEED WALKING!!!  It has all the cardio and endurance benefits of running, but none of the joint-jarring, ligament-tearing side effects.
I’ve worked through my Learning to Run program this week walking instead of running. Not just a leisurely stroll, my friends.  Rather, busting along at a little over 4 mph.   I finished a 3 mile training session yesterday evening without a single twinge of pain, and I woke up this morning with no aching hips!   I’m still on for the 5K in October, and my goal is to make it in under 40 minutes. 


2 thoughts on “Learning to Run – Fail

  1. So glad you didnt have any aching hips. I have heard that walking at speed actually gets you into the fat burning zone where as running is more to do with cardiovascular fitness zone or something like that. your goal for 5k sounds great and is a good goal to train towards. Keep up the amazing work you are doing. x

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