Friday Fives

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Hello Chickies! Since I’m feeling particularly lazy today, and because it’s too hot to even think of my own topic,  I thought I would join a whole circle of bloggers with Beth’s Friday Fives.  This week’s topic is “Things I Miss About Being a Kid”.
5. Summer Break. Complete with hanging out with friends, no worries, no assignments and that sensation of total freedom and endless possibility! 
4. Exercise. I miss not knowing that exercise = work. When we were kids, we moved all the time and never thought about it. Now we have to schedule time and make ourselves to do it. It’s still enjoyable, but only because as adults we’re focused on the amazing results of our efforts. When we were kids, we moved just because we could.
3. Energy. When I was a kid I could run all day, bike to forever and back, and still have enough in the tank for a rousing game of Ghost in the Graveyrd with the neighborhood kids once the sun went down. What happened to the endless source of energy? Did Ponce de Leon ever find that Fountain of Youth?
2. Ice Cream. I love ice cream. I do not eat ice cream, because a) it hurts my teeth now; and b) I have absolutely no control when it comes to ice cream. It’s convoluted into a trigger food for me. It will set me on a binge in a heartbeat and I am so not going there. Someday I will eat it again, but for now – Nope. Nada. None will pass my lips.

1. Running FAST. When I was a kid, I was the smallest kid in the class, but I could outrun anyone. I can still walk really fast, but I miss being able to move like lightning!

Did I mention that it’s hot today?  107 degrees, even as I type this.  Buff Chad and the Maniacs went OUTSIDE at lunchtime to play Let’s Run Up Hills.  Crazy Nuts.


4 thoughts on “Friday Fives

  1. Thanks for the reminders. For me it's chocolate chip cookies! We used to make them all the time! Now any extra sugar just makes me ache. The exercise thing is so true. Often for me exercise was in the form of work, now exercise is the work. If that made any sense. But chasing cows, lifting haybales, pruning trees, hoeing weeds, canning peaches…all good exercise!

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