Word for the Day – Sizzling

Yes, Sizzling will do.  We peaked at 108 degrees yesterday.  I’m quickly approaching my annual breaking point where I start ranting about packing up and moving to Maine.
Well, Chickies, yesterday’s adventure into health and well-being included a visit to the Y.  I actually visit the Y regularly, but for the first time yesterday I cautiously stepped  boldly tripped over the threshold into the new workout room and participated in the Body Pump class!!  Really.  I tripped on the way in the door.  Thank goodness I was a few minutes early so only the teacher and a few others witnessed my amazing display of grace and dexterity. 
ANYway, the class was great!  A lot of fun, and I think I got a decent workout, since my arms felt like jelly as I successfully navigated my way out of the room.


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