Learning to Speedwalk Week Seven – First Run and a P.S.A.

Hello Chickies!  Week Seven, First Run Walk – Done!  I hit the Y Sunday afternoon and cranked it out on the treadmill because it’s still MISERABLE hot, as in sweltering.  Yeah, sweltering.  That’s your first word for the day, and it perfectly describes the conditions outside my door.  We’re facing our fifteenth? seventeenth? day of temperatures over the century mark, and thanks to a prevailing southerly wind, now it’s humid, too.  Pfffft

Your Second word for today is mammogram.  The dreaded M-Word.  I got the girls checked this morning.  Have you had your boobs smashed this year?  No?  Then call your doctor, get that referral and get it done.  It takes less than ten minutes (not counting the time spent walking from the parking garage to the office and filling out the update form) and it can save your life.  Or your rack.  Or Both!
Angela Pea
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2 thoughts on “Learning to Speedwalk Week Seven – First Run and a P.S.A.

  1. The worst part of the boob to dishes experience (when the technician takes your cups and turns them into saucers) is the no deodorant part. I always lift up my arm, and the poor girl's nose is always 2 inches away from my stinky pits as she is adjusting me. I always feel like I should leave $5 on her machine after it's over. And make her sign a paper saying she won't talk about the “super stinky woman” in the break room later. 😉

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