Learning to Walk – Week Seven, Second Run and STILL Blazing Hot

Hello, Chickies!
Okay – just how ridiculous is this?  I ran drove to WallyWorld late last night to pick up some more fruit and get milk for breakfast. At 10:38 pm, it was 96 degrees.  High today is going to be somewhere in the hundreds.  Somebody just pack me on ice until October, please.
I high-tailed my rear end over to the Y after work yesterday to a) get a parking spot in the shade; b) work through my learning to walk training session and then c) hang out with K, the crazed woman who directs the Body Pump class.  Learning to walk – fantastical.  This week’s schedule calls for 5 minutes warmup, 25 minutes at speed and a 4 minute cooldown.  I made 2.3 miles in the 34 minutes.  My pace is picking up! 
K?  She’s wild.  She’s electric, on fire.  Seriously.  She teaches a spinning class the hour before Body Pump, and she’s STILL be-bopping around and tossing free weights during our class!  The session was a lot easier this week, mostly because I knew what to expect, and I didn’t load quite so many pounds on my bar for the tricep interval.  It was a great workout, and I highly recommend it.
Image Courtesy anthill24.  No, that isn’t me, nor is it K.  It’s just a random photo of a Bodypump class so you can get an idea of just how insane I am for doing this.

3 thoughts on “Learning to Walk – Week Seven, Second Run and STILL Blazing Hot

  1. Just found you through another blog…At my gym, the instructors are crazy amazing too. My Zumba instructor also teaches Spin, and then skips over to a Power (same as Body Pump) class that I take. I hope to one day be as fit!

  2. OMG – my back is groaning just looking at that piccie. Hiya Angela 🙂 The naughty non-blogger is back for some inspiration… and nearly falling off my chair seeing what you are up to!

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