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Exercise Efforts for Today – the Turkey Bowl!

  Today was the TNP Annual Turkey Bowl Flag Football Championship.  The winners get to brag for a year and walk away from the field with muddy shoes.

Nothing like football in the mud for team building.

TNP Cheerleaders

Halftime Interview with Buff Chad
If you zoom in, I am on the far right hand side of the picture, behind the girls in front who are wearing jeans.  I have on a white tee shirt (duh) and dark sunglasses.
Look!  I’m on the left hand side of the shot, turning my head and running the play just the way the guys told me!
Don’t I look all officially football-like?

The Referee got thrown into the mud hole as part of The Fun Team’s Victory Celebration.
I’m helping her to plan some sort of revenge.  Updates will be posted.

TNP Turkey Bowl 2010

EMail Anglea Pea

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