December 2 – Writing – Reverb10


What do you do each day that doesn’t contribute to your writing — and can you eliminate it? 


Work.  I work every day, in an office, designing streets and sidewalks and storm drains and waterlines and sewerlines, and parks and airports. 


Can I eliminate it? At this moment in my life, no, I can’t.  Dear Husband and I have a housefull of offspring who need shoes, food and an education. But someday, I will.  And then, THEN!  To steal a few words from Dr. Seuss, Oh The Places I’ll Go! The Things I’ll Do!  I want to be a teacher. I want to publish something.  I want to go places.
Do I sit around now moping over what I don’t have and griping because I need to work?  NO WAY!!  First of all, I really do like what I do for a living. I love moving around Fort Worth and the surrounding communities and seeing things that I designed, permanent things that benefit my community. Been to the Fort Worth Zoo lately?  How do you like the Asian Falls area?  I designed that. Flown in or out of DFW Airport or Alliance?  Your aircraft rolled over runways, taxiways,  and parking aprons that I designed.  Do your kids get their education at one of the new schools in Keller or Saginaw?  You can thank me for the fact that there is an adequate water supply system in place to cover any fire that may break out.  How do you like the new facilities at the Fort Worth Nature Center?  The marvelous new drainage channels in Arlington?
I’m working for that someday!  I volunteer as a mentor and advisor UTArlington, teaching Senior Project.  I write for this blog, practicing spelling and grammar and polishing my ‘voice’ for my someday publishing project.
Someday will get here…someday….and I’ll be ready.
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Image courtesy of Wikimedia.  And Yes, I actually do write with a fountain pen.

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