Stuff It, Miss Olivia!

Miss Olivia is my Inner Brat.  She sometimes totally annoys the heck out of me.  For instance – when I start thinking about working out, Miss Olivia starts whispering the one hundred and ten other things that I should be doing in my head. You should do the laundry first.  Mr. Pea needs clean shirts.  No, you really need to sweep the floor right now.  Oh! And you promised to update the Altar Server schedule this week, and you still need four more volunteers for Christmas Eve.  You need to bathe the dog instead of taking Lady P. for a cruise aroud the neighborhood. 


I’ve been sick this week.  Really sick with a horrible respiratory virus, the kind that started as a little cold and quickly escalated into something nasty.   With fever.  I have a horribly stuffed head (with requisite headache) and just walking up the stairs to my office has me wheezing and coughing and my head pounding.

 So what does Miss Olivia nag me about today?   It’s BEAUTIFUL outside! Yeah, it really is.  *cough* You should go for a walk!  It’s so pretty outside!Go Away, Olivia. No Really!  You should just put on your sneakers and go outside.  Walk to the Library.Olivia, I cannot walk to the Library.  I just want to sit here quietly and read this Request for Qualifications.And pop another mucinex and drink this nice cup of hot tea. Awww, Come On!  Blue skies, cool air, warm sun on your face…you should go for a walk. Walk to the collisuem and back.  It’s only 5K. Olivia, I CAN NOT walk today.  I think I would collapse halfway across the bridge and then have to be carted to the hospital in an ambulance. Ambulance?  With flashy lights?  Ooooo!  THAT could be fun, and then we could – STUFF IT, OLIVIA!  And pass me another tissue.  EMail Anglea Pea

3 thoughts on “Stuff It, Miss Olivia!

  1. Darn Olivia and her counterproductive nature! You should rest. Mr. Pea can fend for himself for a few days, and Olivia needs to quit pestering you so you can rest. Weight can wait. (Oh, how I want to trademark that, but I'd abuse the phrase and NEVER hit goal! lol)Get better soon, my sweetpea!!!

  2. Sorry you feeling icky! Hope you feel better soon. Tell Mrs Oliva to hush her mouth for a few days!! Get some rest and in a few days get up, get out and get back in the groove!!!

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