I'll Show You Mine…

…and I’ll tell you about it, too!  WARNING!!  Almost Explicit Images Below

I’ve been raving to my friends about my new Enell Bra, so I thought I’d share with the rest of my fitness followers about this incredible find. I’ll just be straight up here – I’m a well endowed gal.  The girls have shrunk considerably with my weight loss, but they are still substantial.  I’ve run through the gamut of sports bras – UnderArmor, Champion, JogBra, Nike – and I have never found one that really does the job. Some are too compressive, to the point of pain, some don’t have adjustable straps, some have so much elastic that you come away from a workout with chafe burns in delicate places.  Most of the brands and styles I’ve tried just don’t stop the bounce. And bounce, though it looks intriguing to the male bystander, just sucks the fun out your workout.

Then – insert angelic voices and sparkly light streaming down from heaven – I found Enell.  According to the mission statement on their website, “Enell, Inc. is dedicated to providing well-endowed women with the opportunity to fully participate in an active lifestyle by offering state of the art, high quality performance apparel.”  Okay. Goody for them.  But will that bra really work?  YES!!!!! IT DOES!!!  And you can get a PINK ONE!!

Sports bras do their job either through compression or encapsulation, smashing the boobs flat or holding them firmly with structurally reinforced rigid fabrics.  Compression is uncomfortable, encapsulation makes you look like a Viking Warrior with pointy metal chest plates.  Enell combines both methods, with remarkaby comfortable, supportive results!

The bra fits like a vest, with a long row of hooks up the front; the shape is the compression part. The inner fabric is silky against the skin with no stretch at all; this is the encapsulation.  Put on one, and voila!  No Bounce!  NO  BOUNCE I tell you!  The snapshot on the right?  You can see how much compression…I’m a DDD.  (FYI, picture taken in our workout room at work, Buff Chad’s playground where he makes us do stuff like punch that punching bag, do a bazillion reps on those machines or run on the treadmill that I’m standing on.)
Some words of warning.  You need to try one on before you buy.  The sizing charts on the website are pretty close, but you may need to go down or up a size.  I needed to go down a size to get the right amount of support for me.  They aren’t available everywhere (yet!), so check the website for local retailers in your area.  If you don’t have a local retailer, order three bras from Enell, one size up, one size down and one just right, then return what doesn’t fit.  Finally, this wonderfulness is pricey.  I paid $64 for mine.  For no bounce workouts, it was worth every penny.

Check it out at

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8 thoughts on “I'll Show You Mine…

  1. OMG, Angela Pea! We are on the same wavelength, sista! I posted about bras just a few moments ago. You must be psychic! I will look into that site and take your advice. Thank you!!

  2. You know, we pay a lot for workout shoes, and breast support and comfort is every bit as important.Interestingly, they are sold at three places in Iowa–Scheel's (whatever that is), a pharmacy, and a lingerie store. None in my town but one close by.Not that I'm well-endowed…but I do find most sports bras just aren't comfortable or supportive. Squish. That's it. I've been known to jump up and down in a dressing room and reject every one I tried on.Bounce is for the dryer, not for workouts!

  3. That looks like an awesome sports bra. I have a decent one — my big goal at the moment is to get a new pair of walking/ running shoes. Oy, my aching wallet!

  4. I'm waaay bigger than that and the Enell is as incredible as it gets. I buy mine off of ebay–sandjoutlet is the seller; the ones they sell have slight deviations from the regular sizes–like maybe 1/4 bigger or smaller around the rib. They're around 40 dollars. I love them. Very comfortable.

  5. You know what makes me happy? Reading all these great comments! 🙂 Angela…love love love your story. I designed the ENELL and started this company about 15 years ago. Although it is very rewarding to build my own company from scratch and be able to actually make a living at it…. the real reward? …being just a small part of making life just a little bit easier for other women in the same boat as myself. That is by far the fun part. Thank you all – you made my week! Renelle BraatenPresidentEnell, Inc.

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