Who's Brilliant Idea Was This?

We’re iced in and freezing our behinds off! Seriously. Who ordered this coldest temperature of all record keeping time kind of cold?? They should be beaten with a stick.


Kids will have their third day off from school tomorrow, because most of the side streets are still impassible, the High School has busted waterlines and an ice rink for a parking lot (not a good combination with teen drivers!), and the middle school has no heat. NO HEAT. The system blew up during a power surge.

Why? because the wonderful state of Texas doesn’t have the electrical infrastructure needed for SUB ZERO temperatures!! Yep. SUB ZERO, as in below ZERO. As in we are all freaking out because nobody has ever in their lifetimes felt cold like this. As in plumbers are rubbing their hands together and gleefully sewing money bags to hold all the cash they’ll be making over the next few weeks. The power grid is strained to the max, and we’re having rolling blackouts to keep everyone in power.


*sigh* I’ve been working from home because I’m an ice-driving wimp. I like my car shaped just the way it is, thank you. The kids are restless and the husband is cranky. The dog loves the cold.

Stupid Dog.
EMail Anglea Pea

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