20{4}40 – Pi Day!

Photo by Tim May, Photographer Extraordinaire
Remnants of the Blueberry and Coconut Pies

 Today is Pi Day.  Being a total geek engineer, working in an office with a bunch of other engineers, I decided that we needed to celebrate with a Pi Pie Bake-Off.  Eight folks made pies, myself included.  Then we let the always starving masses sample pies and vote for their favorites.  My pies?  I actually brought two pies – a coconut cream and a blueberry – and won first and second place.  However, because it would be sort of weird to win the Pi Pie Bake-Off that I organized, I disqualified myself and handed out prizes to a Blackberry Pie, a Lemon Chess Pie and a Chocolate Creme Pie. 

So what am I thankful for today?
81. Pi Day
82. Pi Day Celebration at Work with a Pie Bakeoff
83. Making the best Coconut Cream Pie EVER and getting kudos from peers
84. Blueberry Pie
85. Chocolate Crème Pie
Prizes for the winning pies were autographed Justin Bieber posters. No, Justin did not autograph the posters, one of our young engineers autographed them. 
86. Justin Bieber Posters
87. Husband who calls me at 4:00 and says “I Love You! I’m bringing home Chinese food for dinner!”
88. Teen Son who answers the phone with “Guess what I did, Mom? I mopped the kitchen floor!” Excuse me, but who are you and what did you do with my son?
89.  Not tearing a hole in the knee of my new compression pants when I fell while running tonight
90. The neighbor who stopped her car and jumped out to help me up when I fell running tonight
91. No broken bones
92. iPod for keeping pace
93. Fartlek Training
94. A dishwasher
95. A washer and dryer that work, providing clean clothes and linens for my family
96. CFL’s that don’t make that funny ringing noise
97. A tea kettle that whistles
98. Chammomile Tea
99. Comfy bed
100. Fuzzy throws

Lenten Challenge Following Ann, counting my blessings.

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